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Beijing, the first batch of "control premium limit price" plots announced sales price – Sohu October 28 Beijing Xinhua News (reporter Bao Congying) October 28th, Beijing Municipal Land Planning Commission at the end of September listed on the 4 plots released second supplementary announcement, Haidian District Yongfeng three plots of commercial housing sales price of not more than 53 thousand and 400 yuan per square meter, the highest price not more than 56 thousand and 100 yuan per square meter, Daxing Huangcun plots the average selling price of not more than 55 thousand and 800 yuan per square meter, the highest price does not exceed 58 thousand and 500 yuan per square meter. It is reported that this is the "9, 30" after the introduction of the new deal, the first control premium, price limit land. In September 30th, Beijing issued "about some measures" of the city to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, put forward the "control premium, the prices of the land transfer, in the strict control of land at the same time, to predict the future project pilot to take prices, Limited sales price and as land auction conditions, encourage real estate development enterprises as a self-sustaining part of residential rental housing, to meet the demand for housing city residents. In October 13th, Beijing City Planning Commission released in Haidian District, Daxing District to sell four plots of the announcement, clear four plots will use the "control premium limit price" way of listing, the supplementary notice on the basis to further clarify the sales price. In order to eliminate the surrounding price based large-sized apartment and high-end residential it is reported that the four plots of land by the Beijing municipal planning and Land Commission, municipal construction committee and local relevant departments jointly consultation to determine sales price. The final price is based on the average transaction price of the surrounding project, considering the transfer of land surrounding the level of support and other factors to determine, and the basic adaptation from the surrounding housing pricing. These four plots will effectively increase the low price, small and medium sized ordinary commodity housing supply, meet the needs of the end of the home, stable commodity housing market prices and expectations. Based on the average price of the surrounding projects. Calculation of the limited price, to the surrounding area of the project can be traded nearly three months based on the transaction price. In order to meet the demand for self occupation, four plots are the implementation of the 9070 policies, so the price calculation, first consider the land transaction to market takes a year and a half of the cycle, as well as new houses and second-hand housing price difference, the reference to project land surrounding the new commercial housing projects, or a new year built second-hand housing. Secondly, excluding the large-sized apartment; residential, high-end projects, the reference project for 144 square meters below the ordinary residential; finally, the selected project, the weighted average to calculate the average sales for the past three months, as the transfer of land price fixing basis. In order to prevent different apartment layout the price difference is too large, but also take into account the different floors, towards the objective demand of housing sales, the sales price also adopted a "double limit" rules, which not only provides the project sales price ceiling, also provided maximum sales price of a single set of. Consider the level of public facilities. Daxing Huangcun plots around the subway, commercial and other supporting more complete, while the Haidian block is located in the northern Yongfeng area, relatively weak level of supporting services. In the calculation process of the limited price, considering the surrounding infrastructure and supporting service level and other factors, the comprehensive evaluation of the sale price of each block. And self housing.相关的主题文章: