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Beijing City Board of Education: no longer closed heavy pollution "across the board" – Beijing Channel – original title: heavy pollution is no longer closed "across the board" the newspaper news (reporter Niu Weikun) this morning, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission officially released the "heavy pollution emergency plan of Beijing Municipal Education Commission air (revised in 2016)", the new revision of the "plan" the biggest the change is the current plan for unified measures, adjusted for the warning issued by the unified city board of education, district education administrative departments according to the actual situation of regional pollution adopt different measures to guide the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, take flexible teaching or closed protective measures. According to reports, this adjustment is mainly considering the factors to students suspended relates to the regional air quality difference, parents care, teaching arrangement etc.. Because the air quality differences between the north and the south the city is large, sometimes there will be a heavy pollution day of different level phenomenon, resulting in closed emergency measures such as lack of differentiation; the comprehensive consideration of the above, combined with the actual situation of the red warning last year, released the morning of the heavy air pollution emergency plan regulations, adopt different measures to implement flexible teaching. In the heavy air pollution emergency measures, the red warning, suspension, kindergarten, primary school children’s palace and outside educational institutions. Secondary school (including the early, high school, secondary vocational schools) to implement flexible teaching methods, by the District Board of education, schools in accordance with the regional air quality conditions flexible grasp. Can adopt three kinds of elastic models: one is the school stop culture course, shorten the time students in the school; two is to implement bisessional class model of school; three is the school closed, can be used for off Saturday or Sunday near the arrangement and. The plan also further increased the applicable coverage, the University (including private colleges) and the extramural activities institutions into the plan scope, ensure the heavy pollution in the air under the condition of emergency response to the students’ full coverage. J191 news the day after tomorrow or Beijing suffered another heavy pollution the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Hang) the cold air not only brought Beijing city this winter snow, also brought a rare blue sky and fresh air. But today, the cold air pollution began to counterattack, tired, tomorrow Beijing is likely to suffer a heavy pollution again. Fortunately, the pollution will not be too long, cold air "reinforcements" new is on the way. In fact, yesterday afternoon haze has been gathered in the central and southern regions of Beijing, tianjin. Under the influence of cold air forces, the forward force in the south of Hebei, Baoding to Langfang line. Today morning, the cold air forces weakened further, Beijing has been taking advantage of the haze. At 10 in the morning, the northern Huairou, Miyun and other places of air quality is excellent, most of the city or a good level of the two, but the southern Daxing, Tongzhou and other places have been heavily polluted level. Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center said that during the day, Beijing is located in the high rear, diffusion conditions have been converted into general, is expected tomorrow diffusion conditions will further deteriorate, the air quality will reach moderate to severe pollution. Sunday, with the new cold air, the air quality will improve to two. Ministry of environmental protection China environmental monitoring station also issued a heavy相关的主题文章: