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Beijing – VIDEO – college canteen go girl girl happy boys wind "depressed" college canteen go girl girl happy boys wind "depressed" [comment] 12, the new Nanjing University of Technology canteen upgrade opened, and rounded, bright pink with a large area of indoor furniture and other echoes, like the girl cartoon theme park the girl heart shows the most incisive. This reporter has learned that a lot of female students in the campus love the theme of the restaurant HelloKitty, and science and technology, said the man, a man came here a little pressure. The same period [] (Nanjing University of Technology student Niu Tingting) that still feel very novel in the university cafeteria such a feeling, it is pink, I felt kind of special kind of girl heart (feeling). In the future should be a little more here, because the feeling is still very good environment. The same period [] (Nanjing University of Technology student Wang Ying) this restaurant seems to be a girl, especially pink, especially the style that little cute. It is thought that this restaurant may be some more girls, who knows at noon over time found there are a lot of boys over, then the boys in the circle of friends said this may later is dating a resort. [interpretation] with respect to the girl’s love, although this is not very concerned about men, but there are some small pressure. The same period [] (Nanjing University of Technology student Chou Xu) although it is pink, but I don’t mind, is actually feel good. The feeling of this restaurant is more suitable for girls to a little, so if I came alone, I would feel a little pressure. Compared to the old restaurant, the HelloKitty theme restaurant has a gorgeous lighting, cartoon posters and a more stylish dining environment, which is clearly more in line with the tastes of College students. [the same period] (Tong Maodi, general manager of Nanjing University of Technology Logistics Group) taking into account the characteristics of our engineering university, students in addition to civil, mechanical, we should also have some tide, Meng and hyun. Therefore, we focus on some of these characteristics, we have taken into account, but also under a lot of determination, so do such a theme restaurant HelloKitty. This is consistent with the characteristics of today’s young people, and the prevalence of their concern. So we do canteen, or education, or only to seize the characteristics of young students, so that they can enter their world, recognized by them, they are accepted. Zhang Chuanming Jiangsu Nanjing相关的主题文章: