Bee girl with the first EP guest of Baidu music clonecd

Honey bee team to bring the first EP at the Baidu music mogul "bee girl team" is the Zhejiang TV launched a large group to develop the music reality show, by Nicky Wu and Nicholas Tse as head coach, a team of amateur girls respectively for training, and then both were PK. During the Baidu music as the bee girl team program exclusive audio platform, but also witnessed the growth of young girls. The final success of the program in the girls: Xu Heqi, Liu Yuxin, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, she, she, she, she, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the first team debut of the girls’ team, with the group of bees, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. From the beginning of the hive to team competition, through the three months of the layers of assessment, honey bee team finally launched the first EP "LadyBees" attack, butterfly cocoon. As the group’s first China hop music music music portal, Baidu is committed to provide users with diversified genuine music service. This week Baidu exclusive music chat show "music figures", ushered in the honey bee team’s gorgeous airborne, not only the scene with the fans to play interactive games, but also to share with you behind the first EP "LadyBees" story. The new EP in the four new songs "bang bang", "dance", "LadyBees", "encourage" were also in the exclusive debut of Baidu music. Represents the vigor and positive bee girls, not only by singing, witnessing your growth, is a mutual in the interview scene, a funny nature. The first EP "LadyBees" MV making intentions surprise shooting "miserable" "bee girl team" program at the end of the wonderful ending of the war, the first generation of fresh bee girls rushed out of their first EP "LadyBees". The whole EP by Baidu music exclusive debut strong after sweeping through the music list for the first time in 2016, brought shock wave group. Speaking of the first EP "LadyBees", the girls revealed a lot of wonderful details about EP. The "encourage" and "bang bang" two song dance by design, simple and fun, the members expressed the hope that we can learn songs with MV. The song "LadyBees" was penned by the mentor Nicholas Tse personally composed, as had appeared on the show’s songs, is the fans for having heard it many times melody. When it comes to this EP will give fans what little surprise, the girls revealed that EP will send with the collection card and handshake coupons. The collection card with random players autograph, and the handshake is tickets will be held on-site handshake activities, I hope the fans of the "heart" of small peripheral, every time we meet and look forward to and fans. Bee girls girls broke through the Chinese mainland, Hongkong area, Taiwan area and other Chinese circle auditions, 100 girls and selected in strict training in talent shows itself into the hive, and then after 3 months of basic training, the 12 phase of the program to sing and dance performances and dance competitions in all aspects of the athletic contest, finally cocoon. Baidu music as the bee girl team program exclusive audio platform, but also to witness the vitality of girls!相关的主题文章: