Beauty College bus groping each other in shouting first she touched

Beauty College bus groping each other in shouting: first she touched my original title: Beauty College bus in groping each other said: she first felt I just 20 years old Xiao Song, is a college student, long hair, skin white beauty. Summer can wear thin, always let people dream of the harbour evil designs. Xiao Song said that she was a person to take the bus to Zhengzhou to school, sitting in the window seat, who was a young man. Thinking from Pingdingshan to Zhengzhou needs more than two hours, after the car, Xiao Song is ready to take a nap, but then next man stretched out to his claws…… Perhaps this is a disregard for the reaction of the song gave the man "courage", after a while the man’s hand stretched over.   words, no longer need to endure unbearable! The angry little Song Railway Station "pa" fan man up a slap in the face!   Xiao Song said that the other side does not recognize their behavior. This can happen, he can no longer sit in this position, he asked the boy next to their own position, I did not expect the man suddenly moved to. Even more angry is Xiao Song after the alarm, the man in the car, even at small Song clamor. Li learned that when Xiao song take bus monitoring, so the fact how? Is it like the song? Subsequently, Li came to the car, and the telephone to the bus driver. Xiao Song said the man touched himself, and the other said that the first song touched him. This…… The two sides to look at the monitor as each one sticks to his argument, ~ unfortunately, the video did not see Xiao Song said groping action, can only see two human conflict and began to fight. Due to the specific situation to see surveillance, which perhaps only the parties most clearly. But the lawyer said, when groping, must not sit still". To timely sound, best to shout out, on the one hand can deter stop groping, on the other hand, the public can get around to help promptly arrested him, avoid again. Source: Henan TV – People’s livelihood channel Save responsibility editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: