Bazhong man was arrested on suspicion of molesting a girl was killed in the police station hyuna

Bazhong man suspected of molesting little girl was called in the police station of accidental death in October 7, 2016 3 in the afternoon, Bazhong City, Tongjiang County propaganda office informed, in October 6th, the suspect Moumou Tongjiang county dragon Bazhong Guangna town police station summoned place inquiry case, in the early morning of 7 syncope, accidental death. The briefing, 20:29 on October 6, 2016, Tongjiang County town recruit residents Li Moumou call from the police station telephone report said, and their neighbor’s two little girls, playing in the nursing home that night, was living in the home of the five dragon Moumou (male, 52 years old) obscene. From the police station and police quickly arrived at the scene, the Dragon Moumou summoned to the police station. In the inquiry process, on the 7 day at 2:30 in the morning, suddenly fainting, become unconscious. Police immediately call from town hospital phone, request ambulance, the doctor came to the rescue speed. Hospital doctors rushed to the police station, after 30 minutes of rescue at the scene is invalid, declaring the death of moumou. After the incident, from the police station immediately to the County Bureau 110 command center, duty Bureau report. County Public Security Bureau to the Bazhong Municipal Public Security Bureau, the county government and the county Party committee leadership, Tongjiang County People’s procuratorate. Bazhong Municipal Public Security Bureau, the county Party committee and government leaders immediately instructed to quickly identify the situation, properly handle the aftermath. Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau officials have rushed to recruit police station, with the staff, the Tongjiang County People’s Procuratorate investigation of the crime scene, the police, and asked the police that night, guard suspect case. Currently, the suspect Moumou death scene investigation has ended, the case of indecent cases and deaths are under investigation. Suspect Moumou death due to specific reasons to wait for the consent of the deceased after the autopsy, to determine and open. Involving police in the police, asked in the process of violations of law and discipline problems, will be severely dealt with according to discipline in accordance with regulations. Chengdu Daily reporter Intern Zhang Yang | client相关的主题文章: