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Barkley said James is still far from the Jordan Kobe Duncan ranked as the   sports Sohu; Beijing August 28th, CBS sports reported that the famous basketball commentator Charles Barkley at the 94WIP morning show, talking about Lebron James, James Lee Kirby Duncan, said there is a distance, not to mention Michael Jordan. James led the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship last season, occupation career won three times, but Barkley thinks that James is still a long way to go. The comparison about James and Jordan, Barkley said: "I don’t know whether he is more than Kobe, Duncan, if James can win more than 2 championship, he can join the ranks, he still has a long way to go." Kobe and Duncan are 5 in the championship, and there are still less than two of them, as compared to the number of players in the world. The number of the total number of players in the championship is still less than that of the average number of players in the world. The number of the total number of. Barkley also lists himself in the eyes of the history of the first five players, they are Jordan, Oscar, Bill Russell and Wilt Robertson – – Chamberlain and Kareem – Abdul – Jabbar, and said that this list will never change. For Kobe and Duncan, the two players who have just retired from the ranks of the top sixth and seventh, respectively, and then discharged into the ranks of the – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – for the first time, and the rest of the world ‘s top stars, respectively, at the top of the list. James once again won the championship, said on a variety of occasions to catch up with Jordan as the goal, the previous generation who will be the benchmark for the motivation of the motivation of Lebron. James also said before, he was not in the downhill, is still in the rising period. (CHE)相关的主题文章: