Bai Zhi mother first acting was praised for best new actor nomination (video)

Bai Zhi mother first acting was praised. Nominated for "best new actress" Tencent according to Hong Kong media entertainment news "Oriental Daily" reported that Cecilia Cheung’s mother Dasari (Davies Shally) recently in the movie "alien" in the cases as a mother daughter abortion Dutch act. She refers to the filming, because his partner is "ghost" Pan Shaocong iron, asked the filming process with supernatural events occur? Bai Zhi mother said: "they beat" by our ‘, and I went to visit a car on the stone, breathe, and a little dizzy, the staff has words to hear a woman singing, this feeling has never been before, so immediately to approach things for peace of mind." The movie has in Hongkong, Guangzhou, Foshan and Thailand etc. viewfinder, Pan Shaocong said in Thailand during the visit of abandoned River, feeling gloomy, more local. He did not forget to play mom praising Bai Zhi, refers to other eligible nominated "best new actor". Talking about the film at the box office, he said: "this kind of play have some fans, without loss of money and set the money, have the confidence. (another sequel?) Do not rule out this possibility." Cecilia Cheung with two sons to play games Lucas Yan Gao相关的主题文章: