Badaling wildlife park, part of the self driving tour of the northeast tiger is still closed detenti-govos

Badaling wild zoo restore ZiJiaYou tiger still in detention – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 18th news (reporter Liu Tiansi) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, recently went to Beijing Badaling wild zoo visitors found that 7? 23 tiger casualties caused by tourists after the incident, the the garden has been added to power grid, and partial recovery of driving, but the tiger wounding the Siberian Tiger Park is not open, the northeast tiger still in detention. "". In July 23rd this year, Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger wounding occurred after the beast area driving was suspended. Then, after careful investigation, the investigation team found that the cause of tiger attack: one is injured Zhao did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off the provisions of park management and other tourists ignored the warning, to get off, causing it to be injured in the attack the tiger. The two is the mother to see her daughter Zhou tiger dragged away, save female eager, did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off provisions, rescue measures are improper, result in the death of tiger attacks. Combined with a variety of reasons, the investigation team found that 7 to 23 of the Northeast Tiger tourists casualties are not responsible for production safety accidents. Badaling wild animal world before the incident of oral notification issued "six forbidden" notice, and the injured Zhao signed a "self driving tour the park car damage responsibility agreement", the beast area tour set up along the warning signs and obvious signs. After the incident, the world of wild animals in Badaling after a brief suspension of business. Recently, tourists found that the park has the beast area a week ago to open driving. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, the park grid added in the White Tiger Garden, Bengal Tiger Park beast Park, park and tourists will secure isolation. In addition to remind visitors to pay attention to the safety of the broadcast, the staff is still within the scope of the park a new set of security tips. However, the current Northeast Tiger Park has not yet opened, the park is to further study the transformation measures. Want to see the Northeast Tiger tourists, can be fixed at the animal show to watch, but here are also locked in the northeast tiger cage.相关的主题文章: