Austria fat Yao Ming is the most difficult to fix the opponent KB the night before to congratulate

Austria fat: Yao Ming is the most difficult to fix the opponent KB the night before to congratulate me? Yao Ming and Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 9th, the basketball hall of fame in 2016 press conference held today, members have come to the scene. Said the Losangeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’neal in an interview, Yao Ming in this life he encountered the most difficult player. In addition, he also revealed former teammate Kobe Bryant, has not yet been elected to the hall of fame. O’neal and Yao Ming interview expressed their respect for each other, O’neal said Yao Ming is his occupation career suffered the most difficult player, Yao Ming called O’neal "the nightmare of the players". Two people have been the strongest center of the NBA League, Yao Sha duel is also known as one of the greatest fans in the history of the game. "Yao Ming is a very good player, almost no one can cover my hand, almost no one can play, in my defense. But for the first time against Yao Ming, I was the three one in a row, I was very angry, responded with a violent. But I still can’t stop Yao Ming. You must keep on Yao Ming to prevent sticking, otherwise he will continuously hit the jumper on your head. He should have I encountered the most difficult opponent, I am happy for Yao Ming, but also for the China happy, there is my love go." O’neal said. O’neal respect for the great opponents of the heart, because in his mind on the game looks fierce, but both sides should be like friends, brothers live in harmony. O’neal’s four championship so that he tasted the highest honor of basketball, but he revealed at the press conference, his former teammate, so far, Kobe has not sent him any blessing. When a reporter asked Kobe whether to send fame to congratulate, O’neal replied: "no, never." Kobe and O’neal won three championships in the Lakers and created the purple empire. But the contradiction between two people is very deep, each other on the other side. This also led to O’neal then left Losangeles, Kobe also replaced a few partners. But with the passage of time, with no conflict of interest between the two, the relationship between the two gradually eased. O’neal retired in 2013, Corbett recorded a video for him, and a blessing on Austria fat. When Kobe decided to retire in the last season, his 60 points over war, O’neal went to the scene to see Kobe play. And at the end of the game, O’neal and Kobe affectionate embrace together. Perhaps Kobe is too busy because of the recent work, forget his brother into the hall of fame thing. (Wang VV)相关的主题文章: