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Auspicious Airlines responded by refusing to passengers with disabilities – Sohu news auspicious air statement two disabled passengers by refusing the auspicious air, and its court. In February 4th, surging news () to this report, the auspicious air on the same day issued a statement: "for this event, although time constraints, objective support resources coordination difficult, but the company will not blame." Kyrgyzstan aviation also said in the statement, in the future to ensure the safety of aviation on the premise of punctuality, make every effort to provide quality services for special passengers travel. According to the plaintiff’s agent, the war and Sheng is two because of paraplegia and the disabled wheelchair, November 2015, they sat in the spring and autumn flights to Sanya, the return flight is booked auspicious before boarding was refusing, had to re buy air ticket. After the event, the two people repeatedly called lucky airlines to communicate, and decided to resort to judicial procedures, and sued lucky airlines to infringe the equal right of travel of disabled travelers. In January 29, 2016, the case was heard in the court of Shanghai, Pudong. On the evening of February 4th, lucky Airlines issued a public statement through its official micro-blog, and made an official response to the incident. The statement said, lucky airlines in the case before and after the trial has been actively communicate with each other, and through two representatives of the passengers conveyed the wishes of the company staff condolences, "in this process, our company has always uphold the utmost good faith and sincerity.". As the case is still under trial, we will actively cooperate with the court, and resolutely implement the court decided the final results." Lucky Airlines said in a statement that the disabled passengers really need to apply for special service guarantee in advance, so that airlines can coordinate resources and provide convenient and reliable services for disabled travelers on the premise of ensuring aviation safety. Auspicious aviation customer service telephone 95520, the official website, counter can provide unimpeded service application channel. "For this event, although time constraints, security objective resource coordination difficult, but the company will not blame." Auspicious aviation discloses, through investigation, the company also found that the staff in the service of special passengers in the process, too simple to implement standards, failed to provide more humane services. At present, the company has re optimized the special passenger service process, at the same time to front-line service personnel to carry out targeted business training, especially pay attention to enhance front-line personnel to special passenger service consciousness. "In the future, lucky airlines will make every effort to provide high quality services for special passengers on the premise of ensuring the punctuality of aviation safety."

吉祥航空回应拒载残障旅客-搜狐新闻 吉祥航空发表的声明   两名残障旅客因被吉祥航空拒载,而将其告上法庭。   2月4日,在澎湃新闻()对此报道之后,吉祥航空于当日发表声明:“对于本次事件的发生,虽有时间紧张,保障资源协调困难的客观情况,但是公司绝不诿过。”吉航航空还在声明中表示,今后在确保航空安全正点的前提下,竭尽全力为特殊旅客的出行提供优质服务。   据原告代理人介绍,原告战某与盛某是两位因截瘫而坐轮椅的残障人士,2015年11月,他们一起坐春秋的航班去三亚,返程订了吉祥的航班却在登机前遭到拒载,只得重新购买国航的机票。事后,两人多次致电吉祥航空沟通无果,遂决定诉诸司法程序,起诉吉祥航空侵犯了残疾旅客的平等出行权。2016年1月29日,该案在上海浦东法院开庭审理。   2月4日晚间,吉祥航空通过其官方微博发布公开声明,对这一事件作出了官方回应。该声明称,吉祥航空在此案庭审前后一直积极与对方沟通协商,并通过两位旅客的代理人转达了公司人员登门慰问的意愿,“在此过程中,我公司一直秉持最大的善意和诚意。由于目前案件还在审理过程中,我们将积极配合法院审理,并坚决执行法院判定的最终结果。”   吉祥航空在声明中表示,残障旅客出行的确需要提前申请特殊服务保障,以便航空公司协调资源,在确保航空安全的前提下为残障旅客出行提供便捷、可靠的服务。吉祥航空客服电话95520、官网、柜台均可提供畅通的服务申请渠道。   “对于本次事件的发生,虽有时间紧张、保障资源协调困难的客观情况,但是公司绝不诿过。”吉祥航空透露,通过调查,公司也发现了工作人员在此次服务特殊旅客过程中,过于简单执行标准,未能提供更加人性化的服务。公司目前已经重新优化了特殊旅客服务流程,同时对一线服务人员开展针对性的业务培训,尤其注重提升一线人员对特殊旅客的服务意识。“今后,吉祥航空在确保航空安全正点的前提下,竭尽全力为特殊旅客的出行提供优质服务。”相关的主题文章: