Aunt into the mountains picking mushrooms multi department with two hours to find the mountain rescu-sunny came home

Aunt into the mountains mushrooms lost multisectoral coordination two hours searching the mountain – rescued Tianjin Beijing North news: October 30th morning 10 pm, Jizhou District in two and five Pentecostal aunt Yu Zhen Fang into mushroom, because the weather is too cold, they tired, moving in the opposite direction to the right road to go, until it is dark did not return, the family is very anxious, hurried to the police for help, Jizhou blue rescue team, firefighters, police cooperation, spread carpet search, finally at 23 pm the same day will find two people, but two per capita no harm. According to Jizhou blue rescue team captain Liu Xiaotong introduced, they are at 21 PM received a call for help, then immediately dispatched 3 vehicles to 14 players, all wearing headlights, flashlight, stretchers, warm clothes, blanket and rushed to the emergency medicine. At the foot of the mountain, the missing man’s bike was found. According to the clues provided by local villagers, they make a simple analysis of the entire mountain with a professional map, found that there are two hills and steep slopes of the more than two places, as the focus of the investigation here. A search team is at the foot of the mountain nearby, two players and two firefighters to form a team, divided into 6 teams, spread carpet search, overcome nocturnal mountain difficult difficulties, finally at about 23 in the mountains found two aunt. Because the rescue in a timely manner, two people do not hinder. Liu Xiaotong said the rescue team dispatched a pickup truck, drove to the mountains can be moved to the place, the two will be connected to, and handed over to the police. Two aunt said, they in the mountain gets confused, ready to return in the mountains when the wrong direction, toward another village walk, because of the cold weather, and gradually no physical strength, were trapped in the mountains. In winter, the weather is getting cold, Jizhou blue rescue team into the mountains to remind the public, especially Caution!, not wearing hard soled shoes, try to choose the mountain before nightfall; winter is the high incidence of forest fires, to remind everyone to the forest areas or into the mountains, mountain forest, ban on the use of fire, smoking is prohibited, to prevent fire. (North network editor Qu Lulin)相关的主题文章: