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Aunt in highway greenbelt square dance is advised to leave the police to stop the original title: more than 30 highway greenbelt aunt jump square dance aunt advised to leave by the traffic police on the highway greening square dance Guizhou city news for CD, leave a lasting memories, more than 30 aunt unexpectedly sneaked into the freeway ramp, ran to the highway. And the ramp between green belt in dancing, but also attracted nearby villagers come to the onlookers. Fortunately, the police patrol found that in a timely manner to stop the aunt of this dangerous behavior. 15:10 on November 24th Xu, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps detachment two high-speed four squadron of police brigade patrol to the Shanghai Kunming high-speed 1940 km south of Anshun ramp toll station on the highway, the main road and the ramp between the green belt, a group dressed in national costumes, holding a flower fan aunt is dancing with the music. The barrier side of many villages are "intoxicated" to enjoy the. Their location, the right is the highway ramp, is a long downhill, here is also in the corner, if the driver distracted easily out of wait-and-see, vehicle ramp, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Police immediately stepped forward to stop, this dance was Huan aunt advised to leave. It is understood that these aunt were living in the vicinity of the village, there is a local custom, the village will do weddings and funerals, dancing as a main content about wine. On the day the village people wedding, the highway landscape greening good, the host family will let them dancing here, not far from the vision of the photographer on the hill after the shooting burn a CD, leave a lasting memories. Then, they sneak into the high-speed road, dancing in the green belt. Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: