Audi car Lianzhuang car to a 28 year old woman died just to complete the CPA examination –

Audi car Lianzhuang car to a 28 year old woman died just to complete the CPA examination – Beijing Name: Ding Ying gender: female origin: Liaoning: causes the death of 28 year old throughout the year: accidental death time: October 26, 2016 event: Chaoyang District Beiyuan Road and Chunhua Road intersection, a car was waiting for the light to the rear of a Audi car a collision accident caused a total of 1 dead and 4 injured in the last video Ding Ying left behind. In the video, the young girl walked down the steps, came to Chaoyang District Beiyuan Road and road intersection south chunhua. Beiyuan Road, yellow light turned red, traffic slowly stopped; Chunhua Road, traffic lights, pedestrians along the zebra, slowly the west. When Ding Ying came to the middle of the zebra crossing, an accident happened. A black Audi car rushed into the traffic, and at the intersection waiting for a red light 6 vehicles collided. Among them, a small bus rollover, unfortunately she was involved in the car, after she died. After a few minutes of walking across the road, Ding Ying came home. According to the usual habits, after lunch, rest for a while, she will return to the unit to continue to work. However, in the 7 car crash, with a bang, a 28 year old life. Play games, eat fish, see Pearl exhibition…… These friends and promised to do together, she couldn’t keep the appointment. The message you are a very good girl, I often think of you at school and students play like the first test look happy. I want to see you more exquisite painting, you have heard good folk, read your novels more perfect; also want to see your show in the work of the confident and excellent performance; more want to see you become a leader in the industry of the future, have their own world. But these are interrupted by a sudden accident. – time classmates Lin young employees of the North-South Beiyuan Road is a "vertical", from the top in Beiyuan residential homes through the Chunhua Road on the west side, intersect the lay the "d" word. October 26th at 12 am, 28 year old Ding Ying, left the company as usual, ready to go home for dinner — last August, she entered office located in the District of Beijing Qinglong Map Network Technology Co. Ltd., engaged in the work of internal audit. For convenience, Ding Ying rented a small area near the company. Noon on time every day to go home for dinner, lunch break, around 1:30 pm to return to the unit. Colleagues Dong Shangchao memories, usually, when Ding Ying left, he always talked to her a few words. "I said, ‘don’t go back today, eat together.". She would answer ‘too sleepy to go back to bed’. This dialogue often occurs." From the South Gate District Beiyuan homes, Chunhua road is. After the traffic lights, and then go forward three hundred or four hundred meters, is where she rented. Chunhua road traffic lights, dense Beiyuan Road traffic on the stop. Ding Ying cross the road by the green light. The accident happened: a van rollover over her. Video surveillance shows that a number of vehicles are waiting for the red light in Beiyuan road. Sudden di相关的主题文章: