Apple first day did not see Ji’nan fruit powder line stores the highest price of 1700 yuan widcomm

Apple first day did not see Ji’nan fruit powder line stores the highest price of 1700 yuan in September 16th, 7 in the first Chinese iPhone. In the morning, although there are a lot of people came to the Ji’nan Apple retail store experience, but expected the front line does not appear. Although the United States, Suning and other stores are synchronized on sale, but the highest price of 1700 yuan. IPhone 7 episode did not see panic buying 16 morning at about 9, the reporter arrived at the Quanchenglu Ji’nan Apple retail stores, more than 20 people are queuing outside the shop, make a row of fence is redundant. In these more than and 20 people, there are some to experience iPhone 7. "Before the new, foreign retail store will be long queues, did not expect the iPhone 7 first, Ji’nan Apple retail store so much." The 9 day of this appointment, Mr. Lee came to pick up the goods that this is mainly iPhone 7 nothing new, "with the iPhone 6 series of difference." Lee is an appointment to buy iPhone 7, mainly for their own mobile phone. Apple retail store staff said, 6 morning someone lined up to come, but this is an appointment to buy "on the official website booking customers into the store to purchase, otherwise only experience." Specific when you can go directly to the store to buy, he did not know. The highest price of 1700 yuan authorized stores are reported, in addition to Apple’s official channels, Suning, Gome and other stores also have iPhone 7 to sell, but the price is much higher than the official website. We 128GB iPhone 7 price of $6588, higher than the official website price of $400, iPhone 7 Plus 32GB price of $7888, higher than the official website of $1500." An Apple authorized shop staff said, they store the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB official website although expensive 1700 yuan, but two hours sold more than 10 sets of machines, "now has been out of stock." Ms Wang said, she chose iPhone 7, mainly love IOS, "Bian Zhuo system easy to use, fast." Ms. Wang said that now she has a lot of friends around the beginning of the domestic mobile phone, such as HUAWEI, vivo, etc.. With the rise of domestic mobile phones, Apple phone is suffering a huge challenge. From Apple previously announced fiscal 2016 three quarter report, its revenue was $42 billion 350 million, down 14.6%; net profit was $7 billion 796 million, down 26.9%, sold 40 million 399 thousand iPhone, down 15%. The reports are not love tuhao gold bright black until 13800 and in previous years, this year, apple does not intend to publish a number of pre orders, but said the first batch of all the colors of the iPhone 7 Plus has been sold out, bright black iPhone 7 has been sold out. Last year the apple mobile phone release date, the official Zhiyingdian new machine sold out in Beijing.相关的主题文章: