Anti pattern emotional manipulation, only the old driver can see through these men dachiyouxiang

Anti routine: only the old driver can see through these men’s emotional manipulation of public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! The article comes from the WeChat public number: heart to help love a true love, is the need for two parts. One part is true, the other is manipulation. A boy like a girl, went straight to the confession, which is more than the real control. A man love a girl and started trying to please girls, let the girl gradually love yourself, for a long time, feel tired, and throw them away like chewing gum. This is the control over the heart. The baby is controlling the master, he (she) can make a pregnant mother silly for three years, in these three years, he (she) will make an adult for their death. But for the baby, the mother’s food, he (she) is not interested in this person interested in the mother, his thought is how to eat good drink fun. In essence, people are egoistic, just because of this kind of locust survival mode is not conducive to our long-term survival and development of civilization will come out. The first sign of our civilization is empathy. That is to say I have an ability to put yourself to experience the feelings of others. The second sign is vulnerable relative. Because only one person is not busy living, there is a sense of security, will be able to expose their vulnerability, without fear of being destroyed by natural enemies. When we are relatively weak when we can get rid of the black hole, lack of sense of the spell. If I were a male, then my lack of sense is a strong fear, because of the lack of the family of the affirmation of their own, even my father also found a nanny machine cat to protect themselves, but it is the main plug-in, life is still miserable, the lack of his life is to be certainly the experience, so he will always be a child, so you can avoid the adult world criticism of him. If I were in my lack of experience is Shizuka, do a loser fears that I must always be a perfect elegant girl, like a vase there, I cannot be filthy, not like a pool of mud as alive, so she will be ashamed to die. Everyone has a bug, in order to solve this problem, we developed a defense system, but it makes us away from the real self. Nobita did not have a chance to experience a sparkling man feeling; do not have the opportunity to develop a sweet ending expose tile ran around the little girl’s life. Because they do not allow the environment to manipulate them, they learn to manipulate others. Now I will describe control control of four emotions, maybe everyone will be focused on, but if someone will take the method of four emotional manipulation combined with, it is a typical emotional control expert. The lake water is very deep feelings, if you don’t want the pain, it is best to first understand what those routine old drivers are summed up, lest become one. 1)相关的主题文章: