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Ang Lee: Chinese shadow is the golden age, I hope you do things – rooted in new network "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" by 19 years of American soldiers Billy? Lynn (left) perspective to show a wonderful "hero’s journey". Billy was hailed as a hero in the Iraq war because of his brave rescue comrades, and was recalled with his comrades on the domestic propaganda tour. Billy was one of the best and worst days of his life in the middle of a Thanksgiving football open". Ang Lee’s new film, "the battle of Billy and the midfielder," was released yesterday in Beijing, and the new film was shot in 120 frames, 4K 3D, beyond the existing shooting format of the. Ang Lee said: "I just want to see how it works. 3D movie requirements on the screen more than eighty or ninety frames or more frames, the scintillation screen disappeared, will look very clear and true, like the actors stand in front of you." He hoped that everyone: "let go of the past viewing habits, into the new world to understand the film". The story is about my life experience, the film will be in November 11th to 120 frames 4K 3D, 60 frames, 24 frames 3D and other specifications in the mainland release. For different versions of the film, director Ang Lee stressed: "I will recreate each version. 24 or 60 frames are also improved than before, I hope everyone to see each version." In addition to technical innovation, this is also a new theme Ang Lee try again. Ang Lee said: "in fact, I am talking about the experience of life, but in a more dramatic way to show. This story let me see the two sides of life, one is the middle of the show, one is the real battlefield, for me is very influential. In this, I seem to have experienced a war, I reflect it, to the audience." The male "top talent" has lovingly pathetic, as Billy? Lynn Alvin, Joe? First movie with Ang Lee cooperation. In this regard, he admitted: I grew up watching Ang Lee director of the film grew up, and he can work together to become the protagonist of his film, it is very difficult for me to believe." Ang Lee evaluation of Joe? Alvin: "he is like my family, like the previous fate feel lovingly pathetic, with him. He has a rare talent in acting, can work together with him, as if by the God of the film." The son of Ang Lee Li Chun starred in the film Billy? Lynn’s ally, Li Anceng said: "I let him put the Rockets, where such a father found!" The moderator asked Li Chun to let him "Dad put the rocket" when the reaction time, Li Chun replied: "I was like why let me put a rocket?" Ang Lee poker-faced explained that Li Chunfang’s decision is rocket training monitor. [ask] a reporter: 120 frames to the end? Ang Lee: This is a new beginning, the pursuit of light frames will not shoot or not. Accurate use of 3D technology, the use of technology to do art, and consider the issue in the business. Finally, we want to change the film culture. Reporter: North American critics said Ying form相关的主题文章: