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Andouble is anxious to see Trump, or to appease the temptation – Sohu news 17, Trumpt tower in New York, U.S. President elect Trump held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. Figure IC 17 evening, U.S. President elect Trump met Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in New York’s "home" — Trumpt tower, two people for the first time to achieve "face to face" talks, this is the first time after Trump was elected president of the United States and foreign leaders meeting. Analysts believe that Andouble’s visit is intended to test Trump after taking the policy to Japan and the Asia Pacific policy. It is rare for the Japanese Prime Minister to meet with the president before he took office, which fully reflects the Andouble administration’s anxiety about the future of Japan us relations. However, the meeting seemed to give Andouble a reassurance. Andouble said after the meeting, Trump is a trusted leader, Japan and the United States to maintain trust. Prepare for chaos? The atmosphere is warm? Earlier, Japanese officials had Tucao Trump team’s preparations for the preparatory work in disarray, even before the day of the meeting did not implement the time, place and accompanied the presence of personnel. The final meeting was held in Trumpt tower, New York, for 90 minutes, according to Reuters, reported. After the talks, Andouble said at a press conference, he and Trump in a warm atmosphere of Frank exchanges. He has great confidence in Trump, I believe that after the inauguration of President Trump, Japan and the United States to maintain trust. He is confident that Mr. Trump is a trustworthy leader". At the press conference, Andouble also said that he had agreed to meet again with Trump in the future, more in-depth exchanges on a number of broader areas. However, it is unclear whether the second meeting will be arranged before Trump takes office in January next year. Although Andouble did not disclose the content of the conversation with Trump, but Kyodo News reported that the two sides may confirm the importance of strengthening the Japan US alliance in the Asia Pacific region. Andouble may also emphasize the significance of promoting free trade, including the TPP, and told the idea that Japan will dominate the TPP as soon as possible. According to the "Asahi Shimbun" reported that Trump said in the "facebook" (Facebook) released their meeting with Andouble news. He wrote, in the evening of 17, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to visit my house, I am honored to hold talks with Prime Minister Andouble, the great friendship will be opened." To make up for the neglect? Tentative policy? Some analysts believe that Andouble’s trip to the United States quite some "remedial" means. In the United States during the election, the Andouble administration has been betting the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? It has not been elected, and the Trump camp to establish channels of communication. Andouble after the election to the United States to quickly see Trump, intended to compensate for the Japanese to his neglect during the election". In addition, the U.S. cable news network pointed out that the reason why Andouble is eager to catch up with the first one, mainly because of the extreme remarks in the election of the election of the Japanese government, the Japanese government is deeply concerned about the relationship between Japan and the United States, the United States and Japan, the United States and Japan, the United States and Japan, the United States and Japan, the United States, Japan and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United states. For example, Japan to bear all the expenses of the U.S. military stationed in Japan, or threatened to withdraw U.S. troops from japan. The secret service相关的主题文章: