Ando Tadao new open from the outside only half a head is striking alienware m17x

Ando Tadao: but the new new public works heartshaking Ando Tadao from outside for half a head: "HILL OF THE BUDDHA , head of the Buddha"; a lot of things that you can actually see the invisible…… This is Japan’s Sapporo Cemetery: makomanai takino cemetery cemetery for the 30 anniversary of the opening and built a park architect Ando Tadao invited to design iconic hall. In a vast expanse of Lavender Hill at any angle to see the Buddha looks like you can only see his head to see from the sky is not the body you see the Buddha only to find the entrance to a glimpse of the Buddha to about 135 meters after 16.2× corridor 61.2 meters garden on the water slowly flowing water is the soul of the washing through the 38 visitors m long concrete first saw the Buddha’s feet and then see sky shrouded Buddha picture of strong visual impact and psychological suggestion plays a dual stirring effect by concrete folded plate forms a tapered hole with a diameter of 27 meters only half of the Buddha’s head exposed Ando explained this design only for more mysterious Buddha Look at the process of sensing head Buddha 13.5 meters high building more at the end of the divine ceremony from the foot of the Buddha is Buddha and Buddha built conical hills in the construction began in October 2013 3 years in July 2016 17 is open to the public by gardeners cultivate 150 thousand Zhuxun clothing grass as an important landscape element in the top of the hill from the hill top has been built to the foot of the hill of Hokkaido known as the Oriental Provence lavender is well known in the world until the summer of 7 and August of the Buddha head from the flowering stage to form a non Lavender background scenery spectacular (source: Japan design station)相关的主题文章: