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And if the raptors! James Ross was forced to rent the training hall exchange training Knight James QinLv assembled team gym training Tencent sports news September 23rd madness The Associated Press reported in the Eastern Conference finals last season, the Cavaliers bullied raptors, Lebron – James Terrence – bully Ross; in the offseason to prepare for the new season. The Cavaliers once again bully the Raptors, James once again bullied Ross. Ross defender James in about a week before, Ross and team mate Bruno Carbo Kolo and some trainers began training at the University of California Santa Barbara, but now they say they can’t use this training hall. Why is it so? Ross gave the answer: James and the Cavaliers rented the training hall, and the lease time for up to a week. "One day I parked my car outside the gym, and I saw a Maybach and a couple of other cars parked there. I thought it might be James and the others." Thompson said, "when I walked into the gym, I saw James, Tristan – and a couple of other guys. They were training in the training hall," said Ross." When the Knights of the players in this facility to train the training hall, Ross and others can only be transferred to other rudimentary training hall for training. "They got the training hall, we can only go to the kind of entertainment arena for students training." Ross said, "we have to put the curtains down so as not to disturb our training. And hall above, it seems like there is always something to fall. I’m like this, ‘man, how much did James pay? Then I muttered swallowed slobber. The championship is not the same" However, Ross suffered an insult because he was insulted by an old man in training. The 25 year old king when three dunk shooting training, the old man said, "you look about 75 years old, and he began to spray garbage Ross. Ross said that when the old man chimed in, he missed 2 of 3 shots, at that time, the elderly said: "Oh, when I came in, you start to miss? When you are ready, the adults are on the next train." But Ross has not responded to defy his elderly he said: "I don’t want to dunk in his head, I don’t want to kill him." This year is James for third consecutive years before the start of the team training camp Mini training camp, inviting teammates to prepare for the new season. Last season, James organized a mini camp is very successful, for the team to win the championship to lay a good foundation. This year James held a mini training camp at the University of California Santa Barbara, on Wednesday local time officially opened. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: