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Almost kendiya away overturned leader can better improve the key ball kendiya away to fight until the last moment of regret losing to Xinjiang Lee trailing by 21 points at halftime, the opponent is the league leader, plus or away from home, in the face of this difficult situation, kendiya team did not give up, the team demonstrated the tenacious fighting spirit, almost staged a miraculous reversal. The last round of the competition, Jiangsu kendiya away against Sichuan team suffered unfair treatment, general manager of the team because of dissatisfaction to the referee was suspended for three games, the team’s morale kendiya caused some blow, the epicycle away game challenge strong Xinjiang team is really difficult. I am afraid most of the Jiangsu fans will not have too much expectations of the game. In fact, the first half of the game, players play kendiya is not good, but the Xinjiang team of foreign aid Blache limped off the field to change the situation. From the beginning of the third quarter, Cartier launched a frenzied counterattack, Hu Xuefeng and Yi Li such veteran has played an important role, and the small foreign aid Brooks is in three minutes to recover the ball a little difference. Unfortunately, kendiya after the score up to 94 failed potential, it was Xinjiang team once again played a small climax, the final work not completed. Don’t give up backward, shows the kendiya team of the indomitable fighting spirit, but since the start of the new season, Cartier has several games are the work not completed at the last moment, regrettable. From this point of view, the key period in the game kendiya processing ability on key ball, is an obvious short board. Fortunately, the next two games, Cartier will return to the home court, against Qingdao and Bayi the two relatively weak strength of the team, if can guarantee a win at the same time, then how to solve the problem through the actual critical ball handling, so kendiya playoffs there is hope.  相关的主题文章: