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Aidier last year net profit down 20% push gaosongzhuan by Shenzhen attention (Figure) – Sohu financial China Economic Net Beijing on February 23rd news Adel (002740) February 22nd evening released 2015 annual results letters, the company achieved total revenue of 840 million yuan, down 5.13%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 67 million 378 thousand and 800 yuan, down 22.88%. Adel said, because this year the jewelry industry affected by the overall macroeconomic impact, the industry overall performance decline. The company to deal with the challenges of the industry, and actively take big customer credit policy adjustments for quality clients, the annual payment, before purchasing a large quantity of benign, in the jewelry industry regional brand enterprise the high visibility of the implementation of appropriate relaxation of credit policy, the second half of the accounts receivable increase greatly. According to Chinese economic net reporter, Aidier February 18th revealed high transfer plan, intends to shareholders cash dividends every 10 shares 1.10 yuan (including tax), while the capital reserve to all shareholders 10 shares for every 20 shares. From February 18th the disclosure program, Aidier three successive harvest limit, closing at 50.42 yuan in February 22nd. In the share price soared, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued on the 19 February Aidier letters of concern, attention, and the performance of the company’s profit distribution. Shenzhen pointed out that the required combination of the industry characteristics, development stage, business model, profitability, future development strategy and other factors, the specific reasons, the company launched a supplementary disclosure of the profit distribution plan reasonable profit distribution plan and the performance of the company, the specific reasons; and supplementary disclosure the profit distribution plan through financial analysis whether, over the allocation range; supplementary disclosure whether the company in the past 12 months used to raise funds to supplement working capital and in the next 12 months, do you plan to use to raise funds to supplement working capital.

爱迪尔去年净利同比降两成 推高送转被深交所关注(图)-搜狐财经   中国经济网北京2月23日讯 爱迪尔(002740)2月22日晚间发布2015年度业绩快报,公司实现营业总收入8.4亿元,同比减少5.13%;实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润6737.88万元,同比减少22.88%。  爱迪尔表示,因今年珠宝行业受整体宏观经济影响,行业总体业绩下滑。公司为应对行业挑战,积极采取大客户信用政策的调整,对优质大客户,即以前年度采购量大、回款良性、在珠宝行业有很高知名度的区域品牌企业实行适度放宽信用政策,故下半年后应收账款有较大增加。  据中国经济网记者了解,爱迪尔2月18日曾披露高送转预案,拟向全体股东每 10 股派发现金股利 1.10 元(含税),同时以资本公积向全体股东每 10 股转增 20 股。从2月18日方案披露起,爱迪尔接连收获三个涨停,2月22日收盘报50.42元。  就在股价飞涨之际,深交所2月19日向爱迪尔发出关注函,关注公司利润分配与业绩的匹配性。深交所指出,要求结合公司所处行业特点、发展阶段、经营模式、盈利水平、未来发展战略等因素,补充披露公司推出上述利润分配预案的具体理由、合理性,利润分配预案与公司业绩匹配的具体理由;并补充披露上述利润分配预案是否经过财务测算,是否超过可分配范围;补充披露公司在过去 12 个月内是否使用过募集资金补充流动资金,以及在未来 12 个月内是否计划使用募集资金补充流动资金等。相关的主题文章: