Ahn Chil Hyun sang 4 songs on hot stage will reappear-christie stevens

Ahn Chil Hyun sang 4 songs on HOT stage will reproduce Ahn Chil Hyun sing 4 days to open a solo Ahn Chil Hyun after a lapse of 8 years and 8 months held a concert in Korea Sina entertainment news November 3rd released a new album Ahn Chil Hyun [micro-blog] will be "Coming Home" will be officially opened from 4. Ahn Chil Hyun solo concert "Coming Home" is from 2008, "Eternity- forever" after 8 years and a half of the South Korean concert held in 8 months. Will be held from 4 to 6 and 19, 20 in Seoul, 30% hole SMTOWN@coexartium in SMTOWN THEATRE, Busan station in December 10, 11 in Busan, Sohyang Theatre Shinhan card Hall held, held a total of 7 performances, is expected to warm response will be waiting for Ahn Chil Hyun fans. Ahn Chil Hyun concert "Coming Home" is S.M entertainment concert series brand "THE AGIT" one of the previous 10 days after opening pre-sale tickets, because the fans responded enthusiastically, so the additional two performances in Seoul. In addition, Ahn Chil Hyun will be in the "Coming Home" with the 3 issue of the new mini album "Home" "Chapter 1" hit "Restaurant News (Diner)" and a new song, popular songs "Polaris (Polaris)", "Pine Tree", H.O.T will also bring popular songs and colorful stage. In addition, Ahn Chil Hyun will be starred in 4 KBS 2TV, "the battle of the song: victory or defeat", the KBS 2TV "sketch book" and other TV programs, and fans and the audience to meet in 5. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: