After listening to Jiang Xin said, a little afraid to see Ode to joy 2!

After listening to Jiang Xin saying, a little didn’t look at the "Ode to joy" 2! Article: Lu Daheng said "2" Ode to joy, we are quite looking forward to it ~ before pushing several times "2" the ode to joy, is about Wang Ziwen [micro-blog] Wang Kai [micro-blog] Yang Zi [micro-blog]. And what the new role today ~ this is Jiang Xin [micro-blog]. Jiang Xin: well revealed the girl’s fate is actually the words only bother you? What did say so…… This is not a good comment! That is not the "Ode to joy" in 2 little girls abused miserable!!! Miserable even Jiang Xin I can’t bear to say don’t want to look back!!! The reporter asks again: "is more pitiful? Is the feeling going well?" That’s what Jiang Xin said…… Real upright! "Happy song" in the finale, the little girl is not forgive the family, began to find the true self? This fragment still looked full of love ~ was Wang Baichuan’s courtship of the balloon was moved to tears. Although the "Ode to joy" finale, girl is not Wang Baichuan’s mother to accept. "Happy song 2" is also ready to give her what problems? Jiang Xin turned to micro-blog, she found some time ago had such a: also drying out with the "2" Ode to joy in the fan mother’s photo! Is it…… Fan mother is a big obstacle??? This girl is also too miserable life! Jiang Xin was the spoiler, did not dare look at "2" how can the ode to joy! Mody! Do? The child can’t stand half alive! Alas…… (commissioning editor: vhaha) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: