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90 after graduation open grill with annual net profit of 400 thousand – Beijing northeast news network September 26th 26 year old Cao Kexin after graduating from college, did not find a job, but "stare at" the empty house of their own, want to be my own boss. After the visit to Xinjiang, and worked as a chef’s father under the guidance of the pit opened the cause of baking, only a few tables a month from the customer, to the reception of the more than and 30 tables, his pit baked career bigger and bigger. Longfeng District has a busy street grill pit, when night fell, here with the customer The stream never stops flowing. But a few years ago, here only a handful pit bake shop, Cao Kexin is then the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship. "The pit roast is a very lively way of eating, we meet the Northeast People’s habits, and the house is empty, as I’ll try to study, then with my dad to learn cooking skills and feeding what should be able to make money." Cao Kexin to visit Xinjiang pit roast, and do a series of preparations before the shop. "Out of half a month, my dad taught me to go home and fry cook for half a month, during this period, I do dishes would have to waste more than 2 thousand dollars, because even before the meal will not do, so hang grilled meat taste is not burnt, I could not swallow it, but don’t expect on the table, after thoroughly tempered by bravery, my son opened." Cao Kexin said with a smile. Simple 120 square meters of houses, there are Shaguo, plum, eggplant, tomatoes and other kinds of fruits and vegetables in the garden, so that the people could not help but stop to watch, the first guest is here for this table. "From the outside, the house is clean, go in and taste it." The door outside the door. Cao in the selection of food ingredients are particularly picky, every day at three in the morning to go to the village of the district’s wholesale market, grab the goods, a little late, afraid of good ingredients are sold out of the nine. In the pit of the wood and baked on the way, learn from the Xinjiang pit baked manner, making pit baked food taste more delicious, in addition to the development of a number of specialty dishes. "At that time in order to save cost, and I will feed the cashier and the kitchen, inside and outside, busy, sweating, a busy woman customer give me sweat, was particularly touched by the thought must use the superb skills, let the customer happy and satisfied." Cao Kexin recalls. Now the pit roast Street reputation, many foreign tourists also come early adopters, and Cao Kexin and beauty group net, rice network, public comment and silver Qing Bao cooperation, therefore, the monthly turnover increased by 150 thousand yuan, U.S. sales of another pit roast way ahead. Is not afraid of deep alley in Jilin last year, Sun Yan of Songyuan in the United States to search on Cao Kexin store, come here. "I used to keep a car, now want to open a barbecue shop in his hometown, will worship you as a teacher." Sun Yan straight to the point. Cao Kexin youmoyouyang, how to choose from the wood, how to make fire, ingredients, everything taught, 20 days later, Sun Yan returned home to shop, now easily accounted for 40 thousand yuan a month, Cao Kexin smiled in relief. Since then, Jilin, Mudanjiang, Anderson etc have many admiring apprentice, Cao Kexin is taught, and guide them to set up shop. )相关的主题文章: