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After 90 pregnant women online shopping customer service phone 9 yuan was transferred to air – in August 27th, that Wang cheated, grandmother is very sad. In August 27th, Wang made the transaction record. The other party sent a refund link to wang. Second days of online shopping, Wang Sihui (a pseudonym) received a phone call, the person claiming to be the customer service staff, said she purchases goods out of the question, to point into a website to apply for a refund. Fill in the information to the half, she found the bank card to fill the password, they immediately withdrew from the page. Only two minutes later, Wang Sihui flashed a message that the bank card on the more than $9 has been turned away. Even Japan, a Shandong girl cheated tuition after the news of the tragic death, telecommunications and network fraud events pushed in the teeth of the storm. In August 27th, WCC reporter learned that, Chengdu Xindu District a 90 mothers, in an Internet shopping also suffered with cheated events, the card used to lead to the birth of all the money was transferred out…… Have received a customer service phone bank card was empty at 4 p.m. on August 27th, a district of Chengdu Xindu District of Xingcheng Avenue, Wang Sihui belly to express to the shoes, but the shoes are one family watched in silence. 9 on the morning of 23, under the control of Chengdu’s hot weather, hot people dare to go out. Wang Sihui opened the shopping website "", for her husband chose fashion shoes, the actual payment of 92.57 yuan, "the weather forecast said there are three cold air southward, want to advance to buy a pair of shoes he had fall." As usual, the shoes will come in about 3 days. However, at 24 on the afternoon of 3, she received a call from Zhejiang. On the phone, a man with broken Mandarin claiming to be customer service, said she bought the shoes out of the question, to refund her. He added that the computer orders on the road, and now can not be canceled, a refund to be applied to a web site." Wang Sihui said, then the other sent a web site, told her to operate according to requirements. Try half believe and half doubt she points to open the site. "It looks like a page." Wang Sihui said, she skillfully input account, password, website let me fill in the application refund. Bank card number, ID card are filled in, and so on to see the bank card password, I went out, worried that the liar." 2 minutes later, she received a text message, completely ignorant: nearly 100 thousand yuan deposit have all been transferred. See through the other times ITU said Monday the money back out on the streets, hot few people, such as Wang Sihui fell through the ice, clutching his stomach to sit on the sofa. Soon, the phone hit again." Wang Sihui grabbed the phone and asked how the money was transferred. The other side of the phone is said to be a misunderstanding, he said the money is still a problem in the system, the money temporarily saved, is expected next Monday (August 29th) refund." It is strange that, starting at 3 p.m., she found that she had been on the phone. In the meantime let me not to the police, said the money will turn." Soon, she received two messages, a display of Lei相关的主题文章: