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Abate lost two ball Milike Serie A – pole Milan temporarily 0-2 behind Sohu sports Beijing time on August 28th at 2:45 in the morning, 2016-17 serie a season to start the second round of a focus of World War II, AC Milan to St Paul away against rivals Naples. The first half of Naples with Feng BA Milike scored two in the home court temporarily leading Milan 2-0. Naples and Milan in the history of confrontation 142 times, Milan, the top 46 wins and 40 losses to occupy the upper hand of the 56. Milan has only won 1 times in the last 10 games. The two teams clash in the last season of Serie A twenty-sixth round, Yin xinie and Bonaventura were scored, two teams drew 1-1. In this game, Montella in the centre back position sent new aid Gomes replacement card suspension Paletta, and partner with Rome gnoli. Trident still use Suso, Baka and in front of the union. Naples also sent the main stage, Callejon, Milike and Motengsi composed of Trident, Hamm Sieck behind them. Before the game, the referee and the fans in the audience for the victims of the earthquake in Italy in the middle of a minute of silence. Third minutes, gnan outside the area right foot hit the door hit him in the back line was changed after goalkeeper Pepe Reina confiscated. Eighth minutes after the left Niang swept, unmarked Abate right foot tuishe hit high. Thirteenth minutes, Suso long-range hit on the defender out of the bottom line. Fourteenth minutes, the union volley from outside the area without marked strength, Rome gnoli road heel knock the ball into the door, but unfortunately offside. Eighteenth minutes, Motengsi left suddenly kicker hit the door, the ball hit the post after the bounce, the ball close to the left Milikede easily push Kongmen succeeded, Naples 1-0 lead home court. Twentieth minutes, the union head high. Twenty-third minutes, Hu Zaire left hit the door blocked. Twenty-seventh minutes, Motengsi left off after Abate suddenly kicker hit the door, Donald Lou Marco Gogh holds the ball up single palm. Twenty-ninth minutes, Milike hit the door blocked by Donnarumma bottom line. Thirtieth minutes, Duonalu horses confiscated the ball shot from jorginho. Thirty-second minutes, Motengsi hit the door on the right side of the area by Donnarumma cross who saved, then Milike with small angle hit the door was blocked by a defender. Thirty-third minutes, Callejon corner, Milike road leaping high shakes will hit the ball into the top corner, 2-0! Thirty-sixth minutes, Suso shots higher. In stoppage time, Motengsi left hit the door hit him in the back. The two sides of the line-up of Naples (4-3-3): 25- 2-, 33- Hu Reina Zaire Albiol, 26- library 31- Ghulam Barre, 5- Alan, 8- 17-, Hamm Sieck 7-, Jorginho kaliehong 99- Milike, 14- Motengsi AC Milan (4-3-3): 99- Donnarumma 20- Abate, 15- Gomes, 13- Rome, 2- 33- Dechy Leo gnoli Kurtz, card 18- 5- Montolivo, Bonaventura 8-, 70-, 11-, Suso gnan相关的主题文章: