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A woman in Zhangzhou to play Shuiguang beauty salons needle disfigured unlicensed Ms. diagnosed allergic dermatitis Taiwan network November 1st news (the Herald reporter   Lin Xiaoqi   trainee reporter   Ye Yurong Ventura) until yesterday, from and Ms. has nest at home for 2 months: the company not to. Colleagues not see friends about…… Originally, the past two months, Ms. Tsang began to face crazy long pox, also send pus pus, ulceration, face itch to insomnia, numbness of facial muscles atrophy, resulting in the left face askew, and even laughing". Arch-criminal caused by this phenomenon, Ms. crying is beauty shop boss to her face in a shot "Shuiguang needle" caused by". Event: a "Shuiguang needle"   facial ulcers deformation in June this year, Ms. Tsang introduced by a friend, to the Century Square in Zhangzhou city called a "next Fulai" beauty shop to do skin care. In August 8th, the shop owner Zhang Mouping’s recommendation, she had an injection needle shuiguang". A few days later, her face actually began to appear muscle numbness, facial distortion, eating out of the phenomenon. "My husband and my colleagues say that I can’t even smile." Ms. Zeng said. Ms. Zhang Mouping to explain, in order to achieve better effect in the acne, to have "Lady injection water needle" by adding some "Botox" drug ingredients, the reaction is normal, one month after the botulinum toxin slowly out of resolve will be good. However, after a month, Ms. Zeng’s face is not improved, but began to fester pus at night, "is tickled can’t sleep sleep, my entire people quickly collapsed". 2 months later, the situation was even worse. In her request, Zhang Mouping to accompany her to the PLA 175th hospital inspection, the diagnosis results: facial damage allergic dermatitis, acne, left. In this regard, Zhang Mouping said, in order to let Ms. reach the effect of acne, call her "Shuiguang needle" treatment with botulinum toxin composition, but this is normal, she is operated according to the normal procedure. As for the adverse reactions caused by Ms., is composed of "Shuiguang needle" caused by, or their own reasons, is not clear. If it is caused by improper operation of the beauty shop, Ms. Zeng can come up with evidence through legal procedures to resolve, she is willing to take responsibility. That is the illegal practice of   can be added; the alarm processing components of botulinum toxin "Shuiguang needle" in the end what is the use? A hospital in Zhangzhou, a doctor, and botulinum toxin "Shuiguang needle" is generally used for muscle relaxation effect, remove wrinkles, hyperhidrosis, with long, muscle atrophy, play a role in a face lift and some will be caused by the blockage of blood vessels, such as insomnia. "Shuiguang needle ‘generally does not cause acne, for Ms. the situation, she may be allergic to botulinum toxin, may also be the instrument does not pass cause infection, cause allergic dermatitis. The Herald reporter’s request, Zhang Mouping produced a temporary health permit, permit time for September 13, 2016 to December 12, 2016. Business license and medical institutions.相关的主题文章: