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A week watching TV: "our lives" to lead the new ratings – Sohu entertainment weekly TV ratings (10.30-11.05): "our lives" to continue to lead the new TV entertainment news (the Sohu iCraig) fall into the seventh week, MLB and NFL two major sporting events known as the small screen viewing the absolute ruler. The MLB finals last game is broken off nearly 25 years of history, the Chicago cubs last minute thrilling win also allowed to become the title of the longest interval in the history of the MLB team, this figure reached 108 years. The public network, "voice of America", "dancing with the stars" and "Survivor" old reality show there are different degrees of decline in the ratings, "our lives" is still thriving continues to lead the new ratings. Cable television, "a dead-alive person" has set the placid regression with vigour and vitality, time set of ratings decline, perhaps many viewers also did not return from set to come out of the shadows. Renew the series, NETFLIX renew the "West Town police" (Longmire) the sixth and final season. The NBC drama "time" to guard the renew of three sets, the first quarter total number reached 16 sets. But as to the maximum number of FOX, a veteran animation series "the Simpson family" won the two season renewal, the total number reached 30 season season; "Lucifer" won the second season by 13 sets to 22 sets of Canada set; also announced the 2017 winter shift schedule, "sleepy hollow", "24 hours left: production", "knowledge" and other shows bone return date to determine the track. Public network: MLB finals 25 years broke the ratings record "our lives" to continue to lead the new ratings on Sunday MLB finals ended the regular season football won the ratings champion of the road, the FOX television network broadcast with the Cleveland Indians and Chicago cubs of the game, a top rating. The final fifth game ratings reached 6.7, attracting the audience to watch the game of 23 million 640 thousand. The NBC television network’s "Sunday night football" (Sunday Night Football) runner up. It was the eighth day of the regular season, the Philadelphia hawks and the Dallas cowboys on the night of the regular season, and the 23-29 of the away game hawks. The game was up 0.5 on Sunday night ($6.51802). By the impact of the two major sports events, CBS and ABC routine program viewing collective decline. CBS news magazine, "60 minutes" (60 Minutes) dropped 1.8 (1.21058 000); crime drama "NCIS: Losangeles" (NCIS:Los Angeles) fell by 0.5 (12 thousand and 974); "Madam Secretary" (Madam Secretary) fell by 0.3 (8 thousand and 791); the "basic deductive method" (Elementary) fell 0.2 (6 thousand and 480). Among them, the "Losangeles" refresh the lowest ratings record this season, and then the two.相关的主题文章: