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A shares are now five more features two main seize Manniu market [Abstract] analysts pointed out that the resource stocks are becoming a new theme in the rally last week, A shares the trend of strong performance, the Shanghai composite index broke the 3200 point mark integer, the plate hot wheels and orderly, the amount can significantly increase. As of Friday’s close, the Shanghai index at 3196.04 points, the cumulative turnover of 13392 yuan, an increase of 21.66% over the previous week, the Shanghai index to achieve k-week five Lian Yang, active market sentiment. Analysts pointed out that the current A stock market from the inside to the outside shows the five characteristics of Dumbledore, Manniu pattern is expected to continue. Five more power in the face of the recent A shares gradually strengthened A shares, analysts think mainly by five factors contributed to this market trend. First, the economic stabilization and recovery. According to the National Bureau of Statistics website news, in 2016 October, the national consumer price index rose 2.1% year-on-year, among them, the city rose 2.2% in rural areas rose 1.8%; food prices rose 3.7%, non food prices rose 1.7%; consumer prices rose 1.9%, prices of services rose 2.5%. In addition, in October, the country’s industrial producer prices rose 0.7%, up by 1.2%. Industrial producer prices rose 0.9%, up by 0.9%. Analysts believe that overall, steady growth policy driven by infrastructure investment to maintain rapid growth; real estate development and investment growth rebound, the market demand to pick up; capacity to effect, capacity reductions to significantly boost prices that have helped to accelerate rising PPI. The economic data to pick up a positive effect on the stock market significantly. Second, the Shenzhen Tong is about to start. In November 10th, the Hongkong Stock Exchange Group CEO Li Xiaojia said that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the specific day opening are to be announced, the market parties are waiting for the gun On your marks. Analysts believe that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the main significance is to provide a new investment channel for two in Hongkong, mainland investors, will be conducive to the healthy development of both the capital market in the long term. Third, the gradual increase in the inflow of A shares. According to the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosure shows that as of November 10th two in the financial balance of total 932 billion 900 million yuan, hit a new high of more than 9 months. From the large net inflow of funds situation, last week, the A-share market has A 997 stocks large net inflow of funds, the total large single net inflow of 69 billion 184 million yuan of funds. Funds from the macro perspective, a series of signals that indicate the possibility of further easing of monetary policy significantly decreased, but the obvious possibility of tightening is not the same, as long as there are no funds too tense situation, the Shanghai and Shenzhen market by the impact will be relatively limited. Fourth, supply side reforms continue to promote. The supply side reforms, involving to capacity to inventory, to leverage, to reduce cost, make a short board ", namely" three to a drop for a "five key tasks, with the implementation of measures, its effectiveness has been gradually reflected, coal, steel, cement and non-ferrous metals prices significantly warmer. Analysts believe that the supply side reforms to bring great improvement in the performance of the relevant companies, and further conduction to the stock price,.相关的主题文章: