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A new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 listed Sohu – the price of 9.97-15.97 million car red Dianxun the evening of September 25th, a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot will be listed in the. The new car launched 6 models, the price range of 9.97-15.97 million. A new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 using the most advanced EMP2 platform to build, the appearance of a new generation of full use of the beautiful interior design style, using only i-Cockpit cockpit, pay more attention to the independent driving experience, equipped with power on 1.6THP, 1.2THP and 1.6CVVT three engines. Appearance: increase in the value of the new generation of 308 based on the most advanced EMP2 Peugeot efficient modular platform to build, long and wide and high dimensions of 45901820 1488mm, the new wheelbase is 2675mm, can be described as a comprehensive upgrade. On the exterior, the Peugeot brand new grille grille inspired by the black and White Checkered Flag of the race car, the overall shape of the grid tension is very strong, highlighting the new generation of 308 sense of movement. LED Lions Eye headlight shape like a lion’s eyes, daytime driving lights and like the eyelash prancing stereo waistline lion, embodied in the static force. The biggest highlight is the black diamond type tail across the tail will lionpaw LED taillights and the lion standing standard blend, contrasting, visual effect is prominent. Interior configuration fully upgraded console to the driver’s seat in the direction of a 5.8° tilt angle design, the driver will be easier to operate on the console button, while feeling a sense of being surrounded by a control. Intelligent configuration, equipped with a Carplay system, and realize the dual interactive content mapping and vehicle multimedia mobile phone terminal. Keyless entry and one button start. All models of standard ESP 9.1 system, advanced technology, comprehensive function rich, with blind spot detection technology leader and tire pressure monitoring system, can make driving safer. The steering wheel, car sized diameter 350mm, the use of high-quality leather wrapped, do not block the instrument, more conducive to grasp, improve the driving sensitivity, and the steering wheel integrated audio, telephone, computer, traffic navigation and other functions, so that the driver can not hand off the steering wheel operation. Strong power, energy saving and environmental protection as a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot rose blue key models "in the plan, in the power equipment, equipped with 1.6THP, 1.2THP and 1.6CVVT three engines, the whole system comes standard with STT intelligent start stop system. The 1.6THP engine with strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, with the STT intelligent start stop system, 100 km fuel consumption as low as 6.1L; characteristics of 1.2THP engine with high performance, low fuel consumption, although it is a small displacement turbo engine, but its power performance and general 1.4T engine can compete. In addition, the new generation of 308 is also equipped with a new tune 1.6L CVVT engine, improve ride comfort and reliability at the same time, 100 kilometers 5.9L fuel consumption has reached the level of leading competing products. Comments: a new generation of 308 in addition to the power of consumer concern!相关的主题文章: