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Hubei old A team beat the referee was heavy penalties perpetrators banned a A game life old discordant scene sina sports news on the afternoon of November 6th for "Le powder Cup" fifth old A Star Football third group phase, Hubei old A team and Sichuan Bing Wu Valley team, Hubei team No. 8 player Ma dissatisfaction with the referee penalty, the referee to lead the impact; shortly after the start, the Hubei team bench team member Ma Wanyong into the pit, trying to attack the referee, after both players stop. Although these two incidents did not cause substantial damage to the referee, but after the spread of the network, resulting in adverse effects in the outside world, seriously damaged the reputation of the old A league. Afterwards, the old Hubei A team made a description of the situation, apologize to the old A organizing committee and the majority of fans sincerely, to jointly safeguard the old A League brand, the two parties were serious criticism and education and internal processing, and express a willingness to actively cooperate with the Organizing Committee of the punishment. The old League A Peng Weiguo, Fan Zhiyi, Wei Qun, the Organizing Committee of the peak, Jiang Feng and several other sponsors to discuss with other teams to make the following decision on two parties: first, cancel the old League A qualification to attempt to attack the referee team in Hubei No. 8 horses, two years are not allowed in any event the old A. Two, to attempt to beat the referee team member Ma Wanyong canceled the old League A accreditation, are not allowed to participate in a lifetime old A event. The old theme of League A is friends with the ball, happy party, carry forward the course to convey positive energy, positive spirit, to set an example for young players, along the way has been paid more and more attention and support of the fans. We have always advocated respect for opponents, respect for the referee, respect for the media, respect for the fans, and resolutely put an end to such damage to the old A reputation, damage to the image of China’s football events happen again. Le pink Cup "fifth old A star team Guangzhou taiyangshen team leader Peng Weiguo Shanghai old Paul team leader Fan Zhiyi Sichuan bin Wu Valley team leader Wei Qun Beijing old boys team leader summit Qingdao old team leader Wang Dongning Tianjin old cattle A team leader Shi Yong Shaanxi Jiaxin Albert team leader Liu Yibing Shandong Luneng old A team a A leader Liu Jianhua Dalian old team leader Wang Peng (New)相关的主题文章: