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C Luo Qizu broke CR7 exposure with respect to Detroit – Sohu sports C Ronaldo Zidane disappointed discontent was replaced by mad burst foul language   Real Madrid against Las Palmas’s result was very bad, Barcelona were successfully recovered 2 points, now only the red and blue army more than 1 points to lead. The C Luo was changed when the dissatisfaction may lead to the cleaning of the Real Madrid locker room split, the daily sports news, said: C Luo and Zidane relations completely collapsed. The Spanish TV 4 is exposed a video, C Lo was sitting on the bench will be clothes on one side, then a face of unhappy, said: go to your XX". Then muttered say "fuck the Portuguese curse". C Luo this is their performance, or dissatisfaction with Zidane? "Sports world" are then given another more Madden news. In the locker room after the game, C Luo and Zidane communicate, I did not expect C Luo Zidane came to a sentence, I am very disappointed in you". It may contain C Ronaldo two meanings, one is the draw opponents expressed dissatisfaction with the Zidane team, the other one is for myself very reluctant. Either way, are very obvious. Zidane, one is for the coach, the other one is Lincheng. And Zidane is to appease the mood of C Luo, Real Madrid coach said: calm down, Chris, you need to rest now, the central European Champions League and Dortmund in the fight, you have to play for 90 minutes." Although Zidane was more conciliatory attitude and C Luo to speak, but when Real Madrid has a silence of the locker room. Ramos finally came out to defuse embarrassment, pulled C Luo said: do not be so serious". C Luo Ze yesterday in the holiday, I feel completely calm, in the social networking platform on their own drying out photo carrying Aiko and the dog. But the Catalonia media said that this may be the calm before the storm, you know this is a serious offence, C. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: