A 20 year old new Hunan funded more than 3800 students in primary school – built 4-windjview

A 20 year old new Hunan funded more than 3800 students built 4 primary school – a love, love students; a person touched a city. August 26th, Hunan Di student foundation, Yueyang County Education Foundation in 2016 donated Student Conference held in Yueyang, philanthropist Pan Dixiong, who will be 800 thousand yuan grants, handed over to the hands of 210 poor students. Pan Dixiong, 20 years, he has donated school children, college students more than 3800 people, more than 100 outstanding award education, science and technology workers and the courageous hero, also built 4 primary school. Pain, as student power is Hunan Dixiong pan Di male student Foundation Chairman, Yueyang County Gong Tian Town, a 71 year old former Yueyang County Industrial and Commercial Bureau, traffic bureau and other staff. He told reporters: "I was a teenage dropout, from a birth in the children in the valley, to become a national cadre, I feel grateful to society." In 1957, Pan Dixiong against the mother borrowed 8 yuan, 8 liters of rice, was able to enter the school. Junior high school, the family can not afford to pay 25 kilograms of rice a month, he was forced to drop out of school. This has become a lifetime of pain, he has become a source of motivation. "Laopan love to the family ‘brainwashing’!" Pan Dixiong’s friend Wan Ming quips. Pan Dixiong often held a family meeting: "I like the poor people, to have this good day, good family, good career, is full of the party and the society to give, to remember the hard work, the family temple of compassion." Life is slightly well-off, Pan Dixiong and his family from the side of the poor students. One year, Yueyang County Zhangguying town a poor students for the entrance exam once suicide. Pan Dixiong a timely assistance, the student finished college, and inherited Pan Dixiong’s love, in the home to do primary school, free hosting more than 20 children attending. Still, promote laojifuli million people dream in high aspirations. Pan Dixiong has a dream: by the age of 80, to achieve "students dream project". Pan Dixiong has 4 children, as an ordinary cadre, relying on personal wages, he is difficult to help more poor students. In 1996, he began to set up the Yueyang Association for the development of students, the charity began to systematically expand. After retirement, he devoted himself to charity, and friends of the founding of the Yueyang Xingguo integrated farms, the annual income of millions of dollars, are fully used for students. Provincial Party committee deputy secretary Wu Xiangdong praised: "the student education in the contemporary era, will benefit future generations." "These years, I came to Yueyang every dashangou, not what is more important than to help children realize the dream of things!" on August 2013, Pan Dixiong will be the inaugural meeting in Hunan Di male student fund declare: "my dream is very simple: to help thousands of students into the campus. I am bored to realize this dream." Love, sprinkling green Dongting "to protect porpoises, to reduce the intensity of fishing, fishermen catch big children’s education!" in August 24th, Yueyang City porpoise Protection Association to pan Dixiong attention to Dongting Lake fishermen’s children’s learning and growth. He immediately decided to finance the 5 fishermen read"相关的主题文章: