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90 seconds to know that Zheng Shuang’s white shirt is more beautiful than Angelababy? Quick to see which slightly more allure [Abstract] perennial living in the hot search list on Zheng Shuang and Angelababy "embolon war" has not stopped, two people were playing "smile" and very little movie version of the TV version of the "shell slightly", Angelababy version of the first landing, Zheng Shuang catch up from behind! While small great birthday, let the fans have been waiting for a smile is "Qingcheng" TV series was finally released, Zheng Shuang’s pure bright with Yang Yang’s overbearing gentleness, with impressive picture frame! Two people kissing in the rain of this picture, but also her boyfriend Max blocking rain, but also affectionate gaze! I’m afraid I can’t see"! The fans have been tempted heart "CP soul" with the rhythm! The heroine of the play version, a tiny horn, is played by Zheng Shuang. The shell is tiny this role is not easy, A not only has the allure of campus Belle, face, hot body (slobber…), witty mind, or a game master! And Marysu set all kinds of elements together Xiao Nai God is sung by Yang Yang, the first is good-looking, well versed in is not only the fancies of men of letters, so that energy-saving scream of the basketball team, also led the league in the computer system school! This person can be more perfect! Han Yi, a shirt four kinds of law to teach you to open the season to win the eye to see the film version, Baby and Jing Bairan’s CP is more familiar with the audience. Two people from 2010 to 2011 of the "city of love" "global love" to this year’s "smile" very little, play a couple should be familiar. Yan value did not have to pick Baby and warm can subtly malicious Jing Bairan picture is beautiful ~! Well, we return to the topic, have a female master "Bei slightly", netizen A optimistic about Zheng Shuang’s pure sweet and acting, netizen B Angelababy optimistic Yan values and temperament. Usually there are two people in the heat of the same novel, the heroine, is bound to have a collision"! As an aggregation of all kinds of high Yan value combination of drama, I certainly don’t weave only superficial look at the face, look at the value of two Yan flowers be roughly the same, clothing products which is stronger in the end! What is not [not] the white shirt is white shirts in the closet never too much Must Have, also appeared on the cover of several "civilian" single product, is also the female star, street beat Reds love fashion, ordinary people are not so outstanding that also can express their individuality and aesthetic. Zheng Shuang "Tony slightly", can be seen from the stills flagship smart style pure girl. Mawei Zhaqi or his wavy hair temperament, Yan value both small eyes with smart, the shell tiny "goddess appearance" of the pure and the occasional little nervous performance out. For AB, the original is so described: "the main female shell tiny is a super big beauty, beautiful eyes, hook eyes, always red lips, hot body". Such a look, then, Baby is very much in line with this description of the small, but also a gorgeous hook of the fairies and dress in the two "tiny" love white shirt! A gentle breeze!相关的主题文章: