90 into the workplace disaster Maybe it’s the old driver’s fault.-yvette yates

90 into the workplace disaster? Perhaps the old driver’s original title: 90 into the workplace disaster? Maybe the old driver wrong Author: Yao Yao a, a group of forty, smashing the old man to drink tea and chat on disk. One of them said the pile work interesting, the day he is handling things, suddenly received a little meat to the WeChat Intern: you yesterday for talks, my butt is good, I am busy to go today, you go to see each other. A simple story caused a resonance, the presence of the old man began to spit in the job after 90. These troubling workplace recruits, their world is always self-centered, not interested in things not put half energy; to work emails is standard point-to-point network chat, look up background are not signed to the elders; basically no respect, not to mention. Let the first batch in the harsh workplace environment, through personal efforts to win today’s predecessors, how are not pleasing to the eye. In particular, the workplace, the workplace of the elderly in the ability of the newcomers, the most basic requirement is to obey, but almost never born after 90 obedience. In the statistical network recruitment system in the workplace, loyalty and age is proportional to the current average frequency hopping 90 is once a year, 80 is 3-5 years, and 70 belong to the above basic attitude was to say. Look at the high frequency, experience surprised 90 wantonly. But from another point of view, from the point of view of job hopping, for 90 people, although the treatment is important, but the workplace development, working environment and the company’s prospects are also the focus of their attention. Once you can not reach expectations, 90 is the most courageous group of job hopping. For those who want to behave, pay attention to the dedication of the management staff, 90 is workplace disaster. Early generation to participate in the work, employment or a seller’s market, whether government or corporate executives, have great power to decide the future of subordinates, in addition, to provide employment opportunities of the industry is also one of the few, even if the cross is not easy to quit, quit, quit counterparts also need to accumulate the reputation of the industry, the industry needs more advanced approval and recommendation. When the workplace managers to grasp the absolute power, obedience has become the most important quality of the workplace. The face of 90 is a day in the new era, each one yesterday in the past, compared to obey, they need to try to find a suitable outlet for themselves. From the perspective of the staff, if managers need absolute obedience, then they need to master the absolute surrender of the price. Unfortunately, in front of the same capacity of the staff, always only the top of the Pyramid minority company can give the most simple and crude price for the vast majority of the company to complete the control of employees in a single dimension. The real problem is here: the fundamental goal of the company is to create value for managers, the ultimate goal is to create value for employees, obedience is the result of the two objectives of a high degree of unity. When the value of the individual is more diverse, but the company management is still simple and rough, the inevitable conflict. Long Wei相关的主题文章: