9 live video Chinese game rocket vs Pelican Showdown (video) harden eyebrows-punyu

9 live video Chinese game rocket vs China ShangHai Railway Station Pelican harden duel heavy shock struck! Harden to meet China Tencent eyebrows sports in October 8th Beijing time 19:30 on October 9th, 2016 NBA China ShangHai Railway Station will be played in the Mercedes Benz cultural center started, Harden led the Rockets with Anthony Davies led the pelican against Tencent sports from 9 18:00 to NBA China game live video game Chinese "special program", and fans together to review China match memorable moments, rocket plot, watch the pre-season, 19:30 began to live video game. [Enter] China between live video game broke the game to watch: Rocket three Titans war old NBA China rain season again, the Rockets fourth became the tournament lead. The rocket experienced in the lineup and coaching in the preseason after adjustment, showing the new features, the offensive team three points the ball more freely flowing style of writing, torrential rain. Rockets have been carried out in two preseason games, the field averaged 130.5 points, shooting up to a maximum of 52.8%, the ball hit the ball at a rate of 40.5%, the average score of the game into the 17 points scored three points. Two reinforcements to Ryan rocket in the summer signing Anderson and Eric Gordon in pre-season performances, Anderson averaged 19 points on the second, second only to harden, the three pointer hit rate reached 44%. The Rockets victory over Nicks during the war, Anderson three games with 26 points, third hit 5 record three points scored 17 points, he and James Harden conflict pointswith has had a very good chemical reaction. Gordon although the preseason games are 9 points is not high, mainly because of the time is not much, but his offensive efficiency is quite outstanding, shooting percentage of 58.3%, the ball hit the ball at a rate of three. Anderson and Gordon are the old, China tournament is the first time to face old club after they move the rockets. A last season in Houston players Pelican array, Terrence Jones will be in the Chinese match against the old master. The defense is the training camp in the key to solve the problem, they ranked fourth last season in the League last defensive efficiency standings, limiting opponents shooting efficiency performance is very poor, let the opponent a hit rate of 46.8%, less than 76 people at the bottom of the record. The coach Gentry said, their training camp will be 60% of the time for the improvement of defense, this encounter rocket, is a good opportunity to test the quality of the pelican defense. Before the two pre-season games, averaging 107.5 minutes left pelican. Star Star Showdown: played attention harden in the preseason battle heavy rocket showed a great competitive state, harden is the key driving force. The Rockets star in the offseason training, and organize the team-mates ahead of training, received very good results, not only Harden’s excellent condition, and with the quality team has been improved. DAntoni’s tactical system, harden to play "ball point guard" role, he in the pre-season game two, very good to complete the task, averaging 22 points and 10.5 assists, shooting 54.5%, three point shooting 42.9%. Harden in the two roles of the scorer and the organizer.相关的主题文章: