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Japanese media inventory will never derailed 5 characteristics of the male – Sohu lead: women want to find a never derailed men do boyfriend and husband, but the world really not derailed men? Maybe you will secretly spit " how can there be " but such a man is also true. How to find out the men who don’t cheat in thousands of men? Japan howcollect website in February 19 journal article inventory " never derailed Men 5 features ", a look!   1. will be blind to the information you send, when the busy work, even the girlfriend with social software sent information will be ignored. Although women may think of " we have just begun to contact, how cold to me " and feel very lonely, but it also proves that the other side of the work is very serious, willing to work hard for you. In addition, because after watching, it doesn’t leave traces on many software, so if he was with other female ghosts, it would never be so obvious. Dare to be honest and blind, must be working hard. 2., the experience of being dumped " so far, although lovers, but suddenly became the most familiar stranger " the so-called dumped is this situation. If the number of times to be thrown, this feeling must be impressive, each recall will produce " is the only love with me all the time, " the sense of sadness. For this reason, the next contact with women with affection to deep, will never easily let go, and will not make the other side sad things. 3. frequent phone calls, if a man likes a woman, it will try not to let the other side feel sad and lonely. If long time no contact, doubt each other " what is doing now, " maybe the other is the same mood. If you often and chat on the phone, he really miss you. The 4. weekend holidays are spent together. If the work unit is different, men and women usually meet on weekends. And men also spend their precious weekends with their girlfriends. Only with a long time, the feelings will be deeper, but also more understanding of each other. The 5. gift is very generous even if they are dating sites is the humble Park, hotel and so on, but when his girlfriend birthday they don’t care, send a gift is to let people terrified. This is not only a surprise for his girlfriend, but also " want to see his girlfriend happy " " want to keep the gift " that is, he attaches great importance to his girlfriend. 日媒盘点绝对不会出轨的男性5大特征-搜狐  导语:女性们都希望找个永不出轨的男性做男友和丈夫,但是天下真有不出轨的男性吗?或许你会暗自吐槽"怎么可能有",但是这样的男性也是真实存在的。如何在千千万万男性中找出那些不出轨的男性呢?日本howcollect网站就于2月19日刊文盘点了"绝对不会出轨的男性5大特征",一起来看看吧!     1.会对你发的信息视而不见   在对方工作繁忙的时候,即使是女友用社交软件发来的信息也会视而不见吧。虽然女性可能会想到"我们才刚刚开始交往怎么就对我这么冷淡"而感到很寂寞,但这也侧面证明了对方工作很认真、愿意为了你而努力工作。此外,因为看过后却不回在许多软件上会留下痕迹,因此如果他是在和别的女性鬼魂的话,就绝对不会做的这么明显。敢于理直气壮的视而不见,一定是在努力工作吧。   2.被甩的经验很多   "至今为止虽然是恋人,但突然变成了最熟悉的陌生人",所谓被甩就是这种情况。如果被甩的次数很多的话,这种感觉一定印象深刻,每次回想起都会产生"难道自始至终用情的只有我一人吗"的悲伤感觉。正因如此,才会对下一个交往的女性用情至深,绝对不会轻易放手,也不会做出令对方伤心的事情。   3.打电话频繁   男性如果喜欢一个女性,就会尽量不让对方感到伤心和寂寞。如果长时间没有联络,疑惑对方"现在到底在干些什么啊"的时候,也许对方也是同样的心情。如果对方经常和你打电话聊天,说明他真的在记挂着你。   4.周末假期都一起过   如果工作单位不同的话,男女只见一般在周末约会。而男性也会将宝贵的周末安排给女友,和女友一起度过。也只有相处的久了,感情才会更深,也会更加了解对方。   5.送礼物很阔绰   即使平时约会地点都是不起眼的公园、饭店等,但在女友生日的时候他们就会毫不吝惜,一送就是让人目瞪口呆的礼物。这不仅是为了给女友一个惊喜,也是"想要看到女友开心的样子""想要让对方一直保留这个礼物",也就是说明他对女友很重视。相关的主题文章: