Changsha 娭 毑 cross the road hit by bus, killed passengers injured in the car (video)-瀬名アスカ

Changsha Xijie crossing the street was knocked down and killed the bus passengers in the car were injured original title: Xijie crossing the street was knocked down and killed a bus Changsha hearing the morning of October 12th, Dongfeng Road Changsha City, a 80 year old old woman crossing the street was knocked down by a bus and killed on the spot. The driver slammed on the brakes. Because of the inertia, another old man in the car was knocked off 4 ribs. At present, the bus driver has been terminated by the company operating driving qualification. Witness Zhou said: "when the bus from south to north, the old man knocked out a meter away."." According to another witness, Mr. Wang said that after the incident, an old man on the car may have been frightened, but also sent to the hospital. Reporters then in Changsha first hospital inpatient department saw the injured 78 year old Ding Grandpa, grandpa is taken care of by the eldest daughter. The eldest daughter, Ding uncle is the southern suburbs park to ride Sifangping the direction of the bus, "Dad had to sit on the seat, is about coming home, they advance to stand out, the driver braked suddenly, he fell from the back door near the front door, 4 rib fractures." "Granny is 80 years old, is the bus speeding, is under investigation." Changsha Kaifu Police Brigade accident squadron responsible person said. The reporter then found the bus where the team, Mr. Wu called long line surveillance video display, a van was driving in the fast lane, bus lane near the double yellow line, grandma from traffic across the street, because the van blocking the line of sight, such as bus driver found when the old man was too late. Wu said the bus was a long line, the speed of twenty-six code in the city, the speed limit is 45 yards, not speeding. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Bin Intern Zhang Qin): Video (video and content not only for further reading) old man crossing the street was yache underneath all together to lift the car to save

长沙娭毑横穿马路被公交撞倒身亡 车内乘客受伤原标题:娭毑横穿马路被公交撞倒身亡本报长沙讯 10月12日上午,长沙市东风路,一名80岁的老奶奶横穿马路时被一辆公交车撞倒,当场身亡。司机急踩刹车,由于惯性作用,车内另一名老大爷被碰断4根肋骨。目前,公交车驾驶员已被公司终止营运驾驶资格。目击者周先生表示:“当时公交车由南往北行驶,老人被撞出一米多远。”据另一位目击者居民王先生说,事情发生后,车上一名老大爷可能是受了惊吓,也送到了医院。记者随后在长沙市第一医院住院部见到了受伤的78岁丁大爷,大爷正由大女儿照顾。其大女儿介绍,丁大爷是乘坐南郊公园开往四方坪方向的公交车,“爸爸原来坐在座位上,大约是快到家了,便提前站了出来,结果司机突然急刹车,他从后门摔到了前门附近,4根肋骨骨折。”“老奶奶今年80岁,公交车是否超速,正在调查。”长沙开福交警大队事故中队负责人说。记者随后找到了公交车所在的车队,线路长吴先生调出的监控录像显示,当时一辆面包车行驶在快车道上,公交车在靠近双黄线的车道,老奶奶从车流中横穿马路,由于面包车挡住了视线,等公交司机发现老人时已经来不及了。吴线路长说,公交车当时车速为二十六七码,在城区限速是45码以下,并未超速。(潇湘晨报 记者 陈斌 实习 生张沁)视频推荐:(视频与文章内容无关,仅供延伸阅读) 老人横穿马路被压车底 众人齐力抬车救人相关的主题文章: