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The ring over 100 km marathon open enrollment   – Sports – August 29 Beijing Xinhua (Yang Lei), relying on the Qiandongnan area of the ancient folk customs, scenery and heritage treasures, 2016 Guizhou International Marathon in Leigong Mountain over 100 km (hereinafter referred to as the ring over 100 — the Leigong Mountain) which has both competition challenges with the cultural quest medal event run again to the world with open arms. The event will be held on October 28-30 in Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Qiandongnan, with the official start of the tournament registration. Guizhou over 100 km run Leigong Mountain is approved by the State General Administration of sports days and long distance marathon, is currently the only one domestic location, multi stage, three day long marathon race international challenge, is one of the Chinese Athletic Association medal event evaluation. The super 100 points for Kaili ring (42.195 km), Leishan (42.195 km), Zhenyuan (21.0975 km) three stages, the event will last three days, a daily stage. In addition to the country’s only 100 km over the three day race, the event will be fully liberalized every station single day registration, runners can choose any one horse or half horse race, each single station limit reported to 2000 people. Challenge circuit design combines the unique landscape of Qiandongnan and rich human history, and strive to retain the original ecological style. Athletes can not only Geji Town, along the way after Landes Miao village and Chinese famous historical and cultural towns away and other tourist attractions, but also to enjoy a Guizhou plateau green Pearl River, Wuyang, with many twists and turns of the Leigong Mountain green clear Bala river natural scenery, but also can enjoy the local Miao and Dong folk dance performances and etiquette. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the event, the Organizing Committee for the contestants prepared a number of human services. The athlete kit prepared a variety of practical running equipment; each stage AED equipped with a defibrillator, ensure the safety of participants; in addition, after all the players can also enjoy the foot bath service, completely relieve fatigue caused by events. For the registration of three racers, the organizing committee also provides free accommodation during the quality (each meal diet for self-service, accommodation for four star and above), transportation and considerate services, concentrate on the game to provide the greatest convenience runners. Apart from the competition, participants can obtain free access to the local characteristics of scenic spots with valid documents. Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture known as the last human habitat tired soul, is a great natural oxygen bar, along the track is more beautiful scenery, fresh air. Why not take this opportunity to bring 35 family and friends, to go on the trip, said to go on a trip, run a marathon, eat a bowl of sour fish, met a drunk beauty Qiandongnan! In addition to the marathon race, the organizing committee will also launch tour packages and family package, allows you to experience a marathon tourism or family gatherings! (please continue to pay attention to the official website and the official WeChat) from now until September 20th, the competition channel will be fully open, participants can visit the official race website ((commissioning editor: Yang Lei, Hu Xuerong)相关的主题文章: