CCTV Hengda win in the control capacity of the total adjustment of a quick shot Phil (video)-matlab 等高线�

CCTV: Hengda win in Phil control ability of adjusting the total kuaiyipai [collection] Hengda to win the Guangzhou Derby to Suning sports Tencent among the final September 21st Beijing time 19:35, the 2016 FA Cup semi-final second leg, Guangzhou R & F 1-3 against Guangzhou Evergrande home court. CCTV live broadcast of the game, Liu Jiayuan and Xu Yang made wonderful explanation. Xu Yang said Hengda must try to win, "Hengda road can be played well unless draw 3-3, such as 4-4, can rely on away goals advantage promotion. Otherwise Hengda must overcome decimating, to get the final qualification". Liu Jiayuan also talked about Hengda must take the initiative to attack, Hengda must go out to fight for the goal, otherwise the situation will be very competitive hengda". Paulinho Hengda to break the deadlock, Liu Jiayuan comments, "the first ball lost some rather baffling this also leads to defense, direct collapse. If you can keep the ball in the backcourt, behind again with long balls over the opponent, the game will occupy the initiative. Once the mistakes on the field, it will be playing with fire". Xu Yang comments on R & R & F on the court by formation, 5-4-1 formation can be understood, after all, the first to do the defense, using tie Harvey (data) and Lu Lin’s flank attack, and Xiao Zhi on the field of shock. But the 3 central defender system, but not which team can play well, and sometimes will form a unified". Xu Yang talked about the situation in the field of R & F passive, "decimating face Hengda frontcourt closing down, also seemed not adapt. Whether it is the players on the field or under the coach, you need to make targeted arrangements, otherwise it will be very passive play down". Hengda successfully qualify for the FA Cup final bodied Xu Yang talked about the situation on the field of passive, R & F in the offensive and defensive end is 5-4-1, the midfield is being suppressed, lost due to the effect of formation". Two commentary on the advantages of Hengda, Heng Daqiang in their own control ability to dominate the rhythm of the game. It also has a very high attack and defense requirements, including how to control the ball, how to put enough pressure on the opponent, the game to give the game to provide maximum protection". Xu Yang spoke about the need to strengthen the R & F Alan marker, R & F needs to be there at Alan, he was very difficult to let the ball". Two commentary on the situation faced by the two teams, 1-0 score for Evergrande is not insurance, which also let bodied always see the hope of victory. Once the rival score was tied, let Hengda was hard to storm, it also had some trouble". With the GalAT and Alan scored 2 goals, Hengda 3-0 to lock the qualification way ahead. Two commentary commentary, the game has not completely suspense, R & F’s first strategy is no problem, but the coach every step of the adjustment is slower than Scolari, which will give priority to the game step by step out. If you want to qualify for 4 goals, so that the players are hard to drum up. Lost the game, also let many places need to sum up the R & f". Liu Jiayuan talk about the preparation of Hengda more fully, "the FA Cup semi-final two leg to open a month, the first round played too well, the second round still need to come up with a single decisive attitude."相关的主题文章: