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Malone girlfriend is Hohai University school beauty Ishikawa Kasumi just unrequited love? Malone gossip girl Xia Lu informedsource puliao, Olympic champions Malone girlfriend Xia Lu was the Hohai University campus belle is 2010, a law student, currently working in a bank in Nanjing. In a section of the network transmission of the video, Malone and Xia Lu went to apply for a visa, and then the two together with Malone’s parents to eat together. After two people love exposure, Xia Lu canceled the account of the social platform, does not seem to want to affect the feelings of the two people because of the outside world. According to reports, Lu Xia and Malone have been dating for many years, because the woman in a bank in Nanjing, two people have been in a state of love. Prior to the network biography Malone had to go to Jiuzhaigou with summer tourism, although the two did not drying out a photo, but careful users have found that when the Summer Dew photos of the hat is the hand of Malone. Malone in this variety show has not denied that he had a girlfriend, but always ambiguous answer questions about girlfriends. The Rio Olympics table tennis men’s singles final, Malone beat teammate Zhang Jike won the gold medal, with both hands than a heart shape. Some netizens speculated that this love is a love to his girlfriend, but Malone said after the game of love is to give yourself and the rest of the world. But Zhang Jike then presented a record in the live God assists, Malone girlfriend you do not know? Malone’s girlfriend looks so beautiful." Ishikawa Kasumi is also a beautiful woman who had previously been with the Japanese table tennis player Ishikawa Kasumi has been rumored, but this scandal may belong to the "unrequited love" of Ishikawa Kasumi, Malone". The Suzhou World Championships, Ishikawa Kasumi cheering for Malone at the scene, the look in the eyes of love ". In a 2014 interview, Ishikawa Kasumi said to Malone and the group of mixed doubles.相关的主题文章: