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The preseason – Meng duo 17 points and led the 5 double Shenzhen 20 points to win in Zhejiang, Beijing on September 30th news, 2016 CBA preseason Xinjiang WuSu Railway Station on the opening day of competition. In Wusu stadium, Shenzhen basketball after four bouts with a 117-97 victory over the Zhejiang men’s basketball team. The Shenzhen team a total of 5 players in double figures, Ma Qi – lanpei scorers with 28 points, 17 points for the duo Meng, Zhao Jie and their hope to contribute 16 points, Jeremy Pargo scored 13 points. Zhejiang team here, Makati la la team high 35 points, 18 points for Warren, Xia Yubo scored 17 points. The first section has just started, the Zhejiang team beat Xia Yu Bo left hit three points. In two Zhang Dayu scored after the generation of hope has hit. First, the two teams played a very stalemate, both sides sent to double foreign aid running team. The festival began, He Zhongmian attack the basket to complete the 2+1 attack, the Zhejiang team played a 7-0 attack wave, Shenzhen team requested a suspension. Shenzhen team sent on LAN Pei, he immediately changed the situation, in the interior to create a huge trouble for the Zhejiang team, Shenzhen team made two digit advantage. At the end of the first half, Shenzhen led by 61-46 in Zhejiang. The first two sections, LAN performance eye-catching cut 17 points. After the start of the third quarter, Zhao Jie right into three points, followed by Meng Duo "Europe" layup. The Shenzhen team continues to lead the Zhejiang team, relying on two more foreign players, players offensive firepower co.. Distal start, Laran and Zhao Jie each hit three points. Shenzhen’s huge lead, the final 4 minutes of Zhejiang team powerless. Ultimately, the Shenzhen team in the preseason opener 20 points win over Zhejiang team. According to the schedule, the second game against the Zhejiang team will be team, and Shenzhen team will play Xinjiang. The Shenzhen men’s basketball team line-up: 7- Zhang Kai, 22- 12-, 24- Zhao Jie, hope for Yu Dehao 8-, the Zhejiang men’s basketball team starting: 24- Zhang Daewoo, 12- Zhang Yongpeng, 15- Xia Yu Bo, Warren, Lu Wenbo 32- Wiley – 8- (Jimmy)相关的主题文章: