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Xia Runtao was injured inspire Hebei fight opponents praised: take on an altogether new aspect of Hebei men’s volleyball team! Glorious defeat sina sports China men’s Volleyball League (2016-2017) the fourth round of the twenty-first party on November 13, 2016 16:00 at the Nanjing University Zhaozhou stadium, home court battle of Jiangsu men’s volleyball match in five sets with a 3:2 win over Hebei men’s volleyball team. In the post match press conference, the captain of the host and guest and the coach made a comment on the game. Hebei men’s volleyball team captain Li Dong Maia: we congratulate Jiangsu to victory. The game Jiangsu team to give us the pressure is still very large, we deal with the fifth game in the ball, due to their own mentality, resulting in their own mistakes too much. Hopefully we can play every game after that. Jiangsu men’s volleyball team captain Zhang Chen: today is a very exciting game, although we won, but the process is very difficult. We also see the advantages of the Hebei team. It may be that we are getting a little bit of a little bit of a key ball, so we can win. Still want to stay in the game. Hebei men’s volleyball coach Wang Bin: first congratulate the Jiangsu team to victory in the home court. Today, the two teams have played out their own strength, the game is also more exciting, especially in the south of the home, the fans and the audience atmosphere is very good. Today, I am still very satisfied with the performance of the team, especially after the first game to win, the two or three consecutive losses in the case of the first four can withstand pressure. We can still be in place to adjust in time. Today, Jiangsu is the main service to us a great impact. The fifth game we still have a chance, but the team on the field are relatively young, but also need to continue to learn through the game. Jiangsu men’s volleyball coach Lu Weizhong: first win the first League home court is to be happy, today we are still relatively full. Hebei team’s maturity, as well as Xia Runtao’s injury but inspired their morale. Hebei team in today’s performance can be said to be a new look, obviously a lot of progress, full of fighting spirit. These are very worthy of our study. We are also more difficult this year, we also look forward to the new home exchange to win this victory. Or to keep moving in difficulties. We have demonstrated in two ball attack is not stable, today Hebei team on the block to give us more pressure. With this problem, we in the League after will continue to summarize countermeasures, through the competition better in attack. Thank you for the fans. (Xu Hao Wen Rongci Lu   Truro Weimin)相关的主题文章: