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Westbrook students lost lore and why both day and night coach Sarkozy praised his great – Sports Sohu > > data record (front / shoot Sohu Huang Jian from Oklahoma) November 12th Beijing time, NBA regular season continues, the thunder today against the Western powers the Losangeles clippers home court. In Thursday’s loss to the Toronto raptors, the thunder today began to enter the state, after the end of the first quarter to 24 than 16 lead,. But the Clippers scored 34 points in the second quarter of the score will be written as 50 flat into the second half, the third and fourth quarter score were 32 24, 28 34 (after the thunder in the final), thunder missed Juesha 108 to 110 loss to the clippers, the Clippers at last is the lore of revenge, the Clippers hand, Paul scored 17 points and 10 assists, Griffin 20 throw in 10 scored 25 points, Crawford added 19 points, in today’s victory over the thunder, the Clippers scored 5 game winning streak, the team record to 8 wins and 1 losses, 9 games for the team’s best record in prehistoric times. Thunder, Westbrook scored 29 points and 14 rebounds and 9 assists, including 3 three pointers, oladipo scored 18 points, Robertson scored 13 points, the inside of the Kanter 13 points, Sabonis 12 points 4 three pointers, to become the first in team history of grade 2 students hit at least 4 three pointers in a game player. Thunder lost today’s game, the team’s record came to 6 wins and 3 losses, while today’s team hit a record of three points in the game, creating a new team record of three points in the ball. After the interview, the thunder coach talked about handling Westbrook last lore ball: "I believe that Westbrook, I believe he has been, as a great player, when the ball in his hands, he made the right choice, obviously, he did everything he said do. It’s a challenge when you’re facing a strong team in the league, my players are doing well, they play the ball well, then they hit a few shots. Of course, my players also played a high level of defense, to prevent some of their attacks, so that we get more offensive and defensive conversion opportunities." "I’m going to have to take the ball again, but that’s the way it is." Evaluation of the Clippers coach Rivers to give a high performance of thunder: "they are a powerful team, even without Durant, they have Westbrook, you know, Westbrook is a great player. The thunder players played well tonight. My players trust each other, even if Robertson and Sabonis are in the hit three pointers, even if they are very puzzled at me, but still follow before we talked about, to protect the area, we do, and ultimately win the game." For the bench out of Crawford, Benni Paul said: "he is a very strong force that can score, stand out, this is the reason why the three time he got the best sixth, we all know that every night he can score, this is he, he did"相关的主题文章: