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Double male NO.1 fight, only 1 wins Mahou cable arys and Herbert Mahut won at least second consecutive years, the fans will witness a new pair of doubles topped the year-end world at the O2 stadium in London, and usher in a new world first doubles player. In the doubles world’s first year-end combination of competition, Herbert Ma Huw is currently in the leading position in the United Arab Emirates Airline ranking, the French combination won the championship in the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, you can climb to the top end of the throne of the world. Barclays ATP year-end finals every round of Statistics – the end of the year doubles ranking doubles world ranking first in the contest is more simple. Herbert Mahut won the group phase as long as the round of the contest, the 34 year old Hu Shinco can become the world’s first doubles. If Herbert Ma Huw in the group phase in the 0-3 fail to win a game, so Jamie Murray Soares combination will need in the group phase unbeaten, and win the championship, Soares was able to make the first ascent of the world beyond hu. This is a combination of second years in London Herbert Mahut competition, and they hope to be able to like at the beginning of season strong ending this season. They won the first three races of the ATP1000 masters, Indian Wells, Miami and Monte carlo. In July, the Queen’s cup, France also won the same combination. But in the first won the Wimbledon champion combination, the French combination has not won a trophy. This year, all Herbert and Hu are more familiar with the O2 gym. They were 1 wins and 2 losses in the group last year. They played well in the indoor hard court this season, breaking into the finals in Paris last week. The Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in every round of integral statistical year-end doubles ranking person Herbert Ma Huw was in the Fleming Mcenroe group, this season, they have remained on the unbeaten record in two of the same group. And they divided in combination with a group is the number 4 seed Philippines – Lopez ma – Lopez, the No. 5 seed Conti Don Pierce and No. 7 seed Rahm Larson card combination. "We are very familiar with these combinations, they are very good players, we are very close to the game. We need to keep a good state." Herbert said. Herbert Mahut now ranking standings in the UAE is 7825 points, they hope to be able to stay ahead of Murray Ares, the French combination leading 575 points. There are 1500 ranks of the two teams in London to compete, Murray Soares will also be the end of the world’s first combination of shock. Murray Soares led Jared Edberg group, Blaine brothers also in this group, the United States will compete for the brothers fifth finals champion, this is their fourteenth debut finals.相关的主题文章: