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The truth has not yet determined return? Rivers said this week to see him talk about a Pearce before determining whether to return the sina sports news Beijing time on September 7th, according to U.S. media reports, the Losangeles clippers coach Doc Rivers said in an interview that Paul Pearce still hasn’t been decided whether individual nineteenth NBA season, but Rivers I believe Pearce can continue to play. This summer, Paul (Pearce) has a lot of consideration, I think he has the right to do so." Rivers said, "last season, his performance is not the best. I don’t think he wants to retire in this way. So I think that’s why he’s trying to get back. But he is still likely to change his mind next week. So we have to wait. I told him that if I saw him at the training camp, I’d think he decided to keep playing." Rivers plans to talk to Pearce again this week, but he expects to wait until the start of training camp to get a final answer. At the same time, Rivers said that if he felt Pearce next season to bring help to the clippers, then he will tell Pearce. "I think Paul (Pearce) can play." Rivers said, "I don’t know how long he can play, but he can play. I always thought it would be easy for someone to tell you that you can retire. But I think the decision is made by the players themselves." Rivers also stressed in the interview, if Pearce announced his retirement this summer, he will encourage the love and the Celtics signed a 1 day contract, and then retired as a green shirt army. "I think it’s important. I think we have to do this." Rivers said, "I talked about it with Danny (Anji). He (Pearce) retired that day, he will retire as a Celtic player. He must do it. I don’t think anyone will object to my point of view." In addition to Pearce, Rivers also talked about the former green army three giants of the other two. This summer, Rivers and Ray – Allen had a conversation, but he did not know whether or not to consider the return of the, despite the fact that the current state of the body of the United States to maintain a very good. As for the 40 year old Garnett, Rivers confident that KG will continue his career next season. "I think Kevin love wolves in the young players." He said, "he was a great mentor at Celtic, and I think Kevin likes to coach these young people." (Rosen)相关的主题文章: