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Zhou Ting farewell Guoan played 299 Games: I rest and find the team – Sohu sports newspaper news (reporter Zhang Wei) yesterday evening, the national security of the 2016 Super League season, pull down the curtain in the body, and just before the start of the game, Guoan’s veteran defender Zhou Ting officially announced he was leaving the force of 11 years of national security. In fact, Zhou Ting’s departure is not an accident: he and the club has yet to complete the contract, but he rarely used micro-blog, but in a short time yesterday continuously released two suspected announced that he left the country for micro-blog, which also makes people feel he may really have to go. In fact, Zhou Ting had hoped that they can work in the last stage, standing on the grass to support over the years of his Beijing fans say goodbye, but the last round in Shanghai against Hongkou Shenhua at the end of the game, sitting on the bench for the young Zhou Ting early to get a yellow card, the game accumulated four the number of yellow cards, which made him debut Guoan official Games to stay in the field 299. Yesterday before the start of the game, the club specially for Zhou Ting held a farewell ceremony, a team Signed Jersey No. 4, as the best gift in the national security force 11 years, his occupation career golden years in Zhou Ting of Beijing. According to Zhou Ting introduction, he will rest, while looking to find the team to continue his football career, but his career in the national security, yesterday has been painted on a full stop.相关的主题文章: