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Thank you for waiting! Wei less each other for the first time in KD history 8 years into this November 4th video broadcast partner rivals thunder vs warriors Adu Wei less Tencent sports news November 3rd meet on the battleground Beijing time on November 4th morning, the warriors will play in this is a repeat of the thunder home court, the Western Conference finals last season, and Kevin – Durant left for the first time after the thunder with Russell Weiss against Brook. Once, Durant and Wei less fought for 8 years, is the same trench brothers. Today, two people have to give up all the emotion to meet on the battleground, beat the opponent. Tencent sports will be broadcast live at 10 a.m., the fans are welcome to watch. Click to enter []: once between live video support each other through the seven year itch to go on, the summer of 2016, thunder two or less OK combination part company each going his own way, step footsteps. Two groups of people who had been supporting each other, eventually chose a different path. In order to select Durant champion warriors, while claiming to mind old Wei few chose to thunder. Super combined with many different joint reached peak in 2008, when Durant teamed up with Wei Shaohe, the thunder is in the reconstruction of a thousand things wait to be done. The thunder from silence to rise, but also two less with weather process and start empty-handed. In the first season of two cooperation, the thunder had 26 games. 24 game losing is awkward, they rely on their sincere cooperation will bring out the thunder swamp, embarked on a broad road to become the western giants. Two people together period, thunder is the Western Conference finals regulars in the finals, the warriors will snatch the war into seven. No combination can exist in the process of cooperation, two is the same, because they have personality reasons, adrenaline appeared some dispute, but never because the ball’s etc.. After the dispute, two people can often and in calm down again. 8 years of cooperation, Durant and Wei less has been behind each other. Mark, the Mavericks’ boss, said Cuban was "not a superstar, not a superstar," but at the press conference, Mr Durant denounced the "idiot" as a """. When the criticism of the Wei Wei little shot too much, Durant comeback Wei Wei said that this is no need to change the play, but also advised Wei less interference from the outside world. Magic Johnson said Wei is the finals in the history of the worst point guard, but Durant insisted that Wei is the league’s first point guard, is the most suitable for his point guard. In 2014 at the MVP awards ceremony, Durant talked about the great length of Wei Wei, expressed his gratitude. Wei Shaoceng said that he and Durant always support each other. Even Durant 33 cast 7, Wei less continues to feed him the ball, he said: "who will experience the game, my job is to find him, for he made easy scoring opportunities, he is still the best player in the world." In the perfect script, two should be together in Oklahoma City to grow old together for the thunder for the championship, in this. But in the world there are so many perfect, regret is the main melody. Just as OK is still falling, even though the combination of powerful Utah Shuangsha powerful but life without a crown, two less eventually because of those "things" (ball, champion) break up. Many people think that if James does not harden.相关的主题文章: