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Go on line? Teach you five strokes to reduce string line damage — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn today, string line has become the people will chase the delicacy of seasons. Although nutrition experts have repeatedly warned that the barbecue will produce carcinogens, but this food is really difficult to resist. The latest research found that, in addition to cancer, barbecue and add a crime, is likely to cause gout.   barbecue is delicious, first of all related to aroma substances. The food baking process, aroma substances produced will increase. In addition, the pyrolysis of food, the decomposition of oil, the decomposition of amino acids will also produce aroma substances. Secondly, the end of thenascent human, first began to eat with direct fire is baked, boiled, fried and so on were gradually developed, so the human to barbecue food especially. The study found that barbecue barbecue smoke produced doubly guilty of benzo pyrene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other carcinogens have been criticized, it adds a sin barbecue. Harbin Medical University Department of nutrition and food hygiene research found, lamb, shrimp, oysters, chicken wings and other after high temperature baking, the purine content can surge more than doubled, if excessive consumption will increase the burden on the body, it may induce severe gout in patients with hyperuricemia. Especially seafood and mushroom itself, purine content is relatively high, barbecue after double purine. At the same time, in the barbecue process, the addition of spices will also contribute to the purine content of food. As the string line standard beer, which contains the nucleic acid will eventually be decomposed into uric acid, combination of barbecue and beer, which greatly increased the risk of gout.   in addition, the research team extracted PM2.5 particles from the roadside barbecue area to collect air samples, found that the fire from the carbon release of benzopyrene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other carcinogens, can invade the human body through the respiratory tract, also through the attachment surface of the food in the digestive tract, increase the risk of lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer. Remember to wash, salt, barbecue, rub, if it is turned through greedy addiction intolerable, how to eat barbecue can be relatively healthier? A "wash", purine has good solubility in water, the first barbecue food and clean water to wash a few times, seafood, meat and other water to soak for a while; two "salt", the American Institute for cancer research studies show that pickling can make barbecue in the formation of heterocyclic amines reduced 92%~99%, so the ingredients in the barbecue before early curing; three "tipping", the industrious change under the condition of the surface temperature of the meat is relatively low, the carcinogens produced will be less, and uniform heating will reduce the baking time, but the premise is to ensure the roast; four "eraser" juice out of the barbecue purine content is also higher. Eat barbecue with oil absorbing paper, before eating with absorbent paper wipe; five "through", attention must be paid to the barbecue cooked. Half plus carbon should avoid incomplete combustion, produce a lot of smoke containing benzopyrene, barbecue thoroughly, breast meat (chicken breasts) bake for 14 minutes, the temperature of at least 74 DEG C; ribs 4 minutes; Scallop in Shell (less connective tissue) only 2~3 minutes. After eating a string of roasted pear survey showed that smoking or eating barbecue, such as the accumulation of strong carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the body, after eating pears will be significantly reduced. In addition, after the roast string to eat相关的主题文章: